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AWS/ Capgemini partnership: doing good for society is good for business


The digital revolution is driving significant change in the job market too, with jobs all over the world expected to transform or disappear in favor of new opportunities in technology, mostly in urban areas.

Digital inclusion at the heart of Capgemini’s corporate strategy

As a leader in digital transformation, Capgemini has a responsibility to become a bridge between technology, business, and society to shape a better future. This is why our digital inclusion strategy is embedded at the heart of our corporate strategy. With the help of a strongly coordinated network of digital inclusion leaders across the Group, we are in a unique position to help ensure that all people find opportunities in technology, not just the privileged few.

A partnership

That’s why we’ve partnered with technology training non-profit  Per Scholas** and the AWS re/Start program in North America to bring opportunities in tech to people from traditionally excluded backgrounds as part of our Digital Academy program. The initiative is doing good for society, and it’s helping us build the more diverse talent pool we want and need.

“At Capgemini, we continue our relentless efforts to maintain a culture of diversity and inclusion. It is amazing to work with partners such as AWS and Per Scholas to increase our impact. I’m proud of seeing so much motivation and energy from our apprentices. They bring a lot of value to our teams and our company. We plan to create more joint initiatives with our clients and partners for 2021 and beyond.” 

– Anirban Bose, CEO Capgemini Financial Services

What is AWS re/Start?

Capgemini first learned of the AWS re/Start program in 2020 and saw synergies in the approach and design of the program with its desire to expand technology career opportunities to more people.

AWS re/Start is a free, 12-week development and training program designed by the experts at AWS, with cohorts around the world run by collaborating organizations such as Per Scholas. The program trains a diverse set of learners – no previous IT background is required for entry-level cloud positions such as operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support, and connects graduates with local employers. Currently AWS re/Start cohorts are operating in more than 52 cities in 25 countries globally.

Professional and personal development

With our clients moving to the cloud so quickly, cloud technologies are essential to the future of our industry, and technology skills are premium in the market today – especially with just-in-time hiring. So, from a technical standpoint, our Digital Academy program is a chance for AWS re/Start graduates to continue building the foundational skills they will need for a career in tech.

These individuals have the opportunity to interact with and learn from many of our leaders on the ground, work within a global business, and with teams and clients in the US, India, Belgium, the UK, and around the globe. That means they experience many different working environments and cultures, so it’s a valuable personal development opportunity, too.

More importantly though, these individuals come from diverse backgrounds and have enriched our organization and provide diversity to our customers. So, it’s working out commercially for us because we’re not just-in-time hiring, we’re building the talent we need and want for the future.

“Diversity is a big plus here at Capgemini. We work with people with really different backgrounds, cultures, and origins. There is always discovery.”

– Edvige Youta, AWS re/Start graduate from the Per Scholas Washington DC cohort  

Advice for others considering hiring AWS re/Start graduates

We have been impressed with the individuals we’ve hired from the AWS re/Start program. Thanks to the comprehensive cloud training they receive, plus the on-the-job training and mentorship we provide via our Digital Academy, they can make an impact quickly. Their eagerness to learn and be coached has helped us deliver on clients’ business needs.

Making it a win-win for interns and the company means ensuring interns have the right opportunities to learn and be valuable to customers. Identify delivery leaders who can partner and mentor AWS re/Start graduates. Make sure you have not only your executive leadership team’s support, but also involvement from operational and delivery teams.

The Future

This is just the first year of our partnership with AWS and Per Scholas to utilize the AWS re/Start program as a hiring pipeline for diverse, enthusiastic, entry-level cloud talent. We’re right at the start of our journey, but it is proving to be a great, innovative partnership. Together, we’re providing a pathway to tech careers for people who wouldn’t otherwise have these kinds of opportunities. Plus, it’s already helping us build a more diverse and inclusive talent pool. So, I’m really excited about the future.

And, we’re also now exploring scaling the initiative with the AWS re/Start programs in other countries such as India, France, and Benelux.

Delivering our purpose

Our purpose is “unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future.” For me, the AWS re/Start initiative is right at the heart of living that purpose and delivering the more inclusive future we all want.

So many people don’t find the opportunities in technology that they could. Skills training programs such as AWS re/Start are a way to make sure that the digital revolution is an opportunity for everyone, not just the privileged few. I’m thrilled to be associated with the program and helping expand technology career opportunities to more people.

Lucie Taurines is the Global Head of Digital Inclusion and has worked closely with the social sector for years, with her focus trained on employability and empowerment of under-served communities.

Ravi Gandla is the technology practice lead for Capgemini Financial Services sponsoring Capgemini’s hiring of AWS re/Start programs.

**Founded in 1995 in the South Bronx, Per Scholas is a US based non-profit that provides tuition-free technology training to unemployed or underemployed adults for careers as IT professionals.