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Collaboration, meet Agility

Lukasz Ulaniuk
June 16, 2021

If there is one thing the last fifteen months have taught us, it is the importance of collaboration tools – especially when we’re working remotely. In principle, it’s easy. If we can connect with each other, we can collaborate. If we can collaborate, we can innovate. And, if we can innovate, we can deliver new value to our customers and partners.

Yet recent research reports show current collaboration tools are just not flexible enough. They don’t support freedom of choice in devices; they bog down the network by consuming bandwidth; they’re not secure enough – the list goes on. The bottom line: even though businesses understand how important collaboration is, they’re not facilitating effective collaboration because their tools are too rigid.

  • 86% of employees cite ineffective communication for workplace failures.
  • 89% of employees believe meetings could be improved with better use of technology.
  • >50% use mobile devices for collaboration. However, 92% think it is important.
  • Organizations that communicate effectively are 5x more likely to retain top talent.

What’s needed is a more agile, flexible, secure way to collaborate. The end-user requires flexible, secure, modular productive tools, whatever device they choose, anytime and anywhere; the IT wants an “evergreen service” that constantly delivers innovation, a flexible, pay-per-use charging model and easy-to-consume, cloud-based solutions; while the business wants increased productivity, and the ability to attract and retain talent by delivering a great experience making it a “great place to work.” That is precisely what Capgemini has been focusing on, and the result is amazing. Our Connected Employee Experience services bring a new level of choice and flexibility to employee interactions, engagement, collaboration, and support.

We have been investing in technologies that empower and inspire, to meet the complex hybrid workplace requirements of our clients worldwide. These efforts are paying off, as indicated by the extremely positive results of recent analyst surveys and the upward spiral of great references and case studies.

Our recent wins are a true testimony of the transformative work we have been doing in this space. For example:

  • We have signed a five-year contract with Airbus to support the redesign and run of their global collaborative workplace, both in terms of working methods and tools. Highly based on Google Workspace technology, the leapfrog innovation we provide will benefit all Airbus businesses, enabling them to work better together.
  • For a leading banking company we’ve built an end-to-end solution resulting in improved user experience and leading to higher customer and staff satisfaction
  • For a real estate services division of a multinational enterprise, we have optimized the use of workspaces, reduced real estate costs, introduced new innovative services and mobile applications to employees, and created a smaller physical footprint with reduced environmental impact through lower energy consumption.

Rapidly evolving market trends and world events have underscored the importance of delivering a workplace of the future that is more sustainable, feasible, credible, and personal. If you want to explore how we can help you succeed in your workplace transformation agenda, please contact me. I’II be happy to help you explore new options for keeping your employees happy, collaborative, and productive – and making your business stronger and more agile than ever.