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Digital IT Assessment: measure your future-readiness

Ludvig Daae
August 30, 2019

Is your IT ready for the future?

An increasing number of businesses aim to adopt a digital mindset. Currently, 72% of all IT executives put their digital agenda at the top of their priority list. Nonetheless, only a fraction of businesses has succeeded in exploiting their digital capabilities. Are you exploiting your innovation opportunities? Have you optimized your time to market and scalability? Is your culture driving entrepreneurial thinking and employee retention? Do you exploit IT cost efficiencies? To measure this, Capgemini has created the Capgemini IT Assessment.

The value of IT

At Capgemini, we regard IT as a fundamental building block for future business success as it helps overcome crucial business challenges. Firstly, IT is a critical enabler for digitization. Nowadays, digitization requires increasingly complex technology, outstanding IT delivery performance, and commitment. Therefore, advanced, user-friendly, and novel technologies have the potential to boost business value (if implemented successfully). Secondly, the same sophisticated IT helps businesses handle increasing business demands by allowing for shortened time to market and scalability. In turn, this can result in IT-related cost efficiencies which can be leveraged to drive IT innovation, differentiation, and growth. Overall, in modern times, IT is regarded as a crucial factor for organizational agility and flexibility.

Capgemini IT assessment

In order to reap the benefits of (digital) IT, one should understand one’s current position. For this purpose, Capgemini has created an IT assessment tool which comprehensively evaluates your IT’s readiness for driving and enabling your organization’s digital agenda. The tool is based on our Digital IT capability model, summarizing our research on Digital IT champions’ best practices we see in all IT areas across industries. These areas include technology readiness, business value management, leadership and culture, capability organization, agile delivery, cybersecurity, and people and skills management. Taking up only twenty minutes, our 40-statement questionnaire evaluates your digital maturity in the previously mentioned areas and allows you to compare to industry champions and/or benchmarks.

Your value

This free assessment helps you better understand your current industry position. This includes exploring your organizational strengths and opportunities in all IT areas, and the possibility to compare your scores to industry scores. By exploring and focusing on opportunities identified by the IT assessment, we enable your organization to have full progress transparency over time. Our digital IT experts are very happy to guide you through the assessment and improvement process to make your organization thrive!

Understand your Position – take the IT assessment tool

The assessment is set up as an online survey. Participation takes approximately 20 minutes. Please use the contact form below to receive your individual assessment link and reach out to us in case of any questions.

Contact info

Ludvig Daae is a CIO advisor and expert in Digital Strategy & Transformations and heads the Capgemini Invent Digital Acceleration team within The Netherlands.  You can contact him at