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Envisioning the future of accounts receivable


I’m extremely passionate about change. During my 15 years at Capgemini’s Business Services, I’ve been part of several market-leading evolutions, culminating in our realization of true digital transformation. This is particularly relevant in our AI.Receivables offering, where we’ve achieved great synergy between our transformation assets and key enterprise platforms such as BlackLine.

BlackLine is a leader in accounting automation software, with a portfolio that includes BlackLine Cash Apps – an AI-powered cloud-based platform that enables accounts receivable automation and digital transformation.

BlackLine’s products, and the expertise of the people that support them, are a perfect complement to Capgemini’s own strengths in what we term Frictionless Finance, and in our approach to receivables in particular.

What is Frictionless Finance? It’s the name we give at Capgemini to an approach that aims to remove all the obstacles and sources of friction that impede interactions between people and processes in the finance operations of an organization. It connects them seamlessly, intelligently, and as and when needed.

It dynamically adapts to each organization’s requirements within our Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) platform. This in turn helps organizations transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

Synergy – the benefits for accounts receivable

BlackLine’s solutions and skills not only fit comfortably into this approach – they enhance it. Together, we help organizations achieve simplicity and automation at scale for cost-effectiveness and superior results:

  • Cost-efficiency – working within Capgemini’s D-GEM platform, BlackLine addresses common pain points. The joint approach, with automation at scale and technology support, delivers significant savings. Also, cash application support and process exceptions are reduced via increased straight-through processing
  • Speed to value – payback is typically achieved within the first year of deployment, and savings of over 20% are already expected in the second In addition, because the process is lean and frictionless, it is highly scalable
  • Transformation – faster, easier, and better cash applications are enabled because of the scalable and global technology being used. Also, because Capgemini operates in partnership not just with BlackLine but with the client they jointly serve, there are shared rewards in meeting and exceeding performance targets
  • Customer experience – automation means faster application which reduces customer queries related to cash remittances.

Receivables in practice

The relationship with BlackLine has delivered great results. We’ve implemented the platform in all major regions and it is being serviced across the Capgemini delivery network. We’re supporting a wide variety of different payment types in multiple currencies and multiple languages, accommodating a range of different bank interface formats, and processing many millions of receipt transactions.

Synergy means a form of interaction that gives rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Working together with BlackLine, Capgemini is helping to building a new future for receivables – a future that is smart, and flexible, and frictionless.

To learn how Capgemini’s AI.Receivables solution  delivers frictionless, next-generation O2C processes to drive enhanced outcomes and make Frictionless Finance  a reality for your organization, contact: or

Jon Bell

Jon Bell is the Global Head of Delivery for Capgemini’s Business Services. He oversees production centers, delivery excellence, transition, and technology, the latter including launching the Business Services Virtual Delivery Center for automation and robotics.