CYBER ANGEL – Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin
21 Oct 2022

Capgemini Cybersecurity is a fantastic organization to be part of.

1. Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?
As Lead for the UK cyber practice, I have teams working in both cyber projects and cyber-run portfolios. In the UK we have over 350 people supporting clients across the globe. No day is alike for me, with such a varied delivery capability I might be discussing impacts from penetration testing in one meeting and then moving into the next with a strategic lead conversation around the business challenges of security impacts with automation and migration to the cloud. For me, client intimacy is important, and we need to listen to both the positive and negative feedback to continually challenge ourselves as to how we improve.

2. What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?
I am incredibly proud to be part of this organization that truly supports the individual, enabling us to bring our whole self to work. In the UK, I have a diverse and dedicated team who go above and beyond in their support of our clients and the teams that they are part of. As a new joiner, the values I saw before joining the organization are in evidence now that I am part of the wider Capgemini organization, and I look forward to giving back and making a difference.

3. How are you working towards the future you want?
I am passionate that within the team I support and interact with we continue to challenge ourselves as to how we might improve, where can we see leading practice and adopt within delivery engagements, products solutions, or client interactions. I believe that active collaboration remains a secret to our success and ensures that we don’t make the same mistakes, but instead accelerate learnings and improvements. In addition, providing the opportunity for in the moment coaching and mentoring enables us all to learn each day.

4. What difference does it make to have diversity in cyber leadership?
Our clients are all diverse – for me, I am passionate about the benefits at all grades in diversity of thinking. I am an active supporter of this both within my own team and globally. I am humbled to be asked to assist with the global expansion of cyber angels and drive further the acceleration of diversity within our cyber organization. As an organization, we will only continue to see sustained double-digit growth if we listen to feedback from all our grades and meet the changing requirements of our clients. I am an advocate for reverse mentoring and enjoy engaging with our early years and grad community.

5. What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini Cybersecurity?
Capgemini Cybersecurity is a fantastic organization to be part of. Join with an enquiring mind to ask
“what else can I learn,” “what else can I do”– be open to new ideas, build your own network both in your region and globally, and grasp with an open mind this amazing opportunity.