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Client story

Connecting Breast Cancer Patients to Ongoing Support

The challenge

A diagnosis of HER2+ breast cancer can be overwhelming. Patients have questions about their disease and treatment, as well as everyday matters, such as diet, exercise, and how to talk with family and friends. Capgemini Invent was approached to develop a solution that would provide patients with comprehensive information and on-going support as they undergo treatment.

Our solution

Since HER2+ breast cancer patients, who are undergoing treatment, spend many hours at the infusion center, we created a solution that would engage patients at the point of care. Capgemini Invent developed the 4HER app which puts relevant information and much needed support, right at the patients’ fingertips. The app provides information about HER2+ breast cancer and targeted treatments and helps patients relax and de-stress with soothing, guided meditations and fun games. 4HER also enables patients to easily connect with other HER2+ patients, nurses, and support groups.

The impact

  • Over 5,000 downloads within the first 3 months
  • Over 200 patient connections were made
  • Over 300 patients enrolled in the HER Connection CRM program