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Client story

Tag Heuer introduces a new ecommerce ecosystem to drive online engagement

Client: TAG Heuer
Region: Switzerland
Industry: Consumer products

Working with Capgemini, TAG Heuer develops and rolls out a new ecommerce ecosystem that drives improved online sales and sets the company apart from other luxury watchmakers

Client Challenge: TAG Heuer wanted to update its digital platform in order to deliver an innovative and frictionless online experience to its customers
Solution: With Capgemini as a partner, TAG Heuer introduced a brand-new ecommerce ecosystem, supported by the Salesforce Commerce cloud, as the core of its premium ecommerce experience

• Improved customer experience based upon a modern platform
• Greater process optimization
• Increase in online sales

Craftsmanship applied to digital innovation

Since Edouard Heuer opened his first watch shop in 1860 in Saint-Imier, TAG Heuer has been a driving force of innovation in watchmaking. While the company’s focus has traditionally been on crafting exceptional watches, TAG Heuer has also emphasized the importance of becoming an industry leader in terms of digital technology. In 2019, the organization saw an opportunity to expand its online outreach and improve the digital customer experience. To accomplish this, TAG Heuer decided to overhaul its ecommerce ecosystem in such a way that would better communicate the company’s values and appeal.

In order to build and implement the ambitious digital architecture required to fulfill this ambition, TAG Heuer chose Capgemini based on its history of successful digital solution implementations and proven expertise with both ecommerce platforms and in the luxury retail industry. Together, the two organizations utilized a cohesive, One Team approach that combined their distinct areas of expertise to apply both technical capability with knowledge more specific to the industry.

Transforming the online experience

TAG Heuer wanted to generate greater visibility within the market, create a synergistic omni-channel experience, become an industry leader in terms of the customer experience, and deliver a unique client experience that more effectively differentiated the brand from its competitors. Based on these goals, TAG Heuer and Capgemini decided to create a scalable solution based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and enriched by a complete ecosystem of services.

Following established and proven methodology, the partners began to develop the new ecommerce ecosystem with an emphasis on creating a truly unique and innovative experience. In addition to the selected technology, TAG Heuer and Capgemini based the solution on standard operation processes defined by industry best practices. This ensured that the solution not only introduced a new ecommerce website but also that the company was prepared to support it upon release. In this way, TAG Heuer and Capgemini delivered a truly transformed online customer experience built upon innovative technology and a refreshed approach to the online sales experience.

TAG Heuer improves online sales

After only 10 months, the new website went live in February 2020 in support of TAG Heuer’s ambition for future growth and its desire to deliver a distinct and enjoyable online experience. As a result, the company saw a rapid increase in the number of online sales while its audience expanded thanks to the company’s improved digital engagement. In addition, the website proved to be the ideal lever to launch the New TAG Heuer Connected collection, which demonstrated the organization’s passion for precision, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology in terms of both its watches and digital platforms.

Using the reworked website, TAG Heuer has seen a significant growth in the amount of online traffic it experiences and the performance of the technology that supports the digital customer journey. The company has also leveraged the website to more effectively communicate the values that set it apart, which has helped differentiate the organization within the industry. Following this success, TAG Heuer and Capgemini are looking to expand the deployment to new countries and find new ways to enrich the platform in an agile way. As customer expectations continue to develop and become more complex, the partners will strive to find new ways to develop a dynamic and engaging online experience.