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The Joy of Giving – Impact Together Week 2022

29 Nov 2022

Capgemini has always been committed to giving back to communities and being changemakers of a positive and inclusive future. Every year through Impact Together Week, colleagues across various offices of Capgemini volunteer and participate in numerous activities dedicated to our three CSR pillars – sustainability, diversity, and digital inclusion.

This year, over 600+ participants took part in 27 activities across Belgium and the Netherlands during Impact Together Week 2022. Along with our client Euroclear, our non-profit partners MolenGeek, Impala Bridge, Interface 3, and Duo For A Job, we could connect with diverse communities and groups and organize several workshops. We believe that these workshops will help bridge the digital divide, introduce various concepts related to sustainability coding, technology, soft skills, and provide job and career-related guidance to enable individuals to get the future they want!

As crusaders of positive change, the sixth edition of Impact Together Week had volunteers from Belgium and the Netherlands contribute over 800+ hours towards the environment and work with communities to drive positive impact.

Belgium Highlights
– 130 
volunteers from different businesses contributing to 180+ hours on 14 projects
– 91 jobseekers coached from our non-profit partners at Duo For A Job, MolenGeek, and Interface 3
– Reduced CO2 emission of 206,1 kg by digitally cleaning our mailbox and system storage
 Several workshops conducted on environmental sustainability (eg: the Digital Clean-Up Workshop), diversity, and digital inclusion such as the workshops with our different non-profits (MolenGeek, Impalabridge, Interface 3, and Duo for a Job)

The sixth edition of Impact Together Week was created keeping 3 main objectives:
– To inspire colleagues to engage in a more sustainable world by taking small actions

– Upskill and learn through various training and webinars organized

– Create a positive impact by giving back to society using their skills by partnering with our non-profits

Annlore Defossez, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Capgemini Belgium shares:

The week-long event truly emphasizes the core values of Capgemini, including our undying team spirit and collaborative skills. As curtains come down on Impact Together Week 2022, we would like to thank the Impact Together Week core team in Belgium. This was also a great collaboration between the teams in Belgium and the Netherlands. To see more pictures from Impact Together Week, click here.

We look forward to your support and active participation as Architects of Positive Futures, and your energetic participation in 2023. Ypu can already save the agenda for next year! Have an idea to drive the next edition of Impact Together Week? Do reach out to BE CSR or get in touch with Annlore Defossez.