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Tony Roegis joins Capgemini Belgium

29 Apr 2021

Happy to introduce Tony Roegis who joins Capgemini Belgium as Account Executive – Manufacturing. With his career spanning over two decades, Tony is a strong leader in IT Services, Digital Transformation, and Manufacturing Industry consulting. He has taken the lead in multinational outsourcing engagements as an account manager, and has extensive experience with most of the large ICT suppliers, and manufacturing service suppliers. In conversation with Tony Roegis.

Hello Tony, and welcome to Capgemini! Could you share with us a brief background about yourself

Tony:Well, I started my career at Siemens, and over the past 20 years, I’ve worked at Hewlett Packard (DXC technology) providing outsourcing and consultancy services. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of a commercial role in my collaboration with customers – initially for local customers in Belgium, and for large multinational customers over the past 8 years. Over the last decade in my career, I started  focusing on Manufacturing customers, because I personally feel most comfortable with this industry. Probably my engineering education has something to do with this (laughs)!

Tell us about your first day at Capgemini

Tony: My first day at Capgemini was well prepared and organized by the HR, car-fleet, and IT department, although there were restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. I arrived at the office in the morning to pick up my laptop, accessories, some branded gadgets, and a clean company car! In the afternoon we attended the onboarding sessions. Laptop and connectivity all worked well, and even small things such as preferred keyboard layout were taken into account. Although it is a biweekly routine for the people who execute the onboarding, the sessions were conducted with enthusiasm and dedication.

What has been your passion as a business leader?

Tony: It has always been my passion to add value to the core business of a manufacturing customer with projects that go beyond the IT department.

What is your biggest motivation in your current role in Capgemini?

Tony: In my role as Account Executive for the Manufacturing sector, my motivation comes from two areas. First, Capgemini is a large company that allows me to respond to almost any customer demand. And second, ‘the cherry on  top’ is the recent acquisition of Altran, where I believe we can differentiate ourselves in the market as one of the few companies that can digitally transform all business processes end-to-end – including the core processes in the factory plants. I join Capgemini at the right time, while the integration of Altran’s capabilities take shape with departments such as ER&D, I&D, CIS, Invent, and Sogeti.

What is your greatest achievement that you would like to share with us?

Tony: Few years back, a massive chemical explosion occurred at one of our customers’ plant in the UK. Part of the office and datacenter was damaged or contaminated, and the site was temporarily closed for all employees. Several back office systems stopped working, and a lot of employees were stranded at home without a laptop because they were used to storing their laptops in an office closet. My team and I were responsible for workplace services, so we started to coordinate with the local and central management. Key employees were redirected to an office building of my company. Computers and printers were made available and a team got involved to recover the back office systems. Within 30 hours all key employees were working again. I couldn’t sleep a lot that week, but we got a lot of positive end-user messages, a cake on Valentine’s day from the customer, and a 3-year business recovery service contract for all UK sites!  

What is your secret to striking the perfect work-life balance?

Tony: It’s not a problem to have stress at work as long as I can vent it out through my hobbies. For me these are DIY handyman projects and some volunteer work every now and then. I also try to keep the weekends free for family and private life.

Any message that you would like to share? 

Tony: Since most of us are working from home in these unprecedented times, it’s a bit weird to start working for a company without meeting my new colleagues face-to-face! So I look forward to meeting the faces of Capgemini once we’re all vaccinated! 

Thank you Tony Roegis, that was indeed a great conversation! We wish you a long and successful career at Capgemini!