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Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare - Life Sciences and Med-Tech focus
Intelligent Business Operations

Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare (Life Sciences and Med-Tech focus)

Drive frictionless patient and customer experiences

Driving frictionless customer interactions across the healthcare ecosystem

Capgemini’s Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare solution puts the patient and customer at the center of your business to deliver a seamless and connected digital health experience.

Our next-generation contact center service solution provides a digitally augmented yet human-centric experience through a persona-influenced service design that integrates humans and technology. This enables you to drive more meaningful, emotive, and frictionless customer relationships with your patients and customers across the entire healthcare and life sciences customer ecosystem – to deliver:

  • 25% increase in first contact resolution
  • 40% reduction in cost to serve
  • 80% reduction in total transaction time
  • 5% increase in Net Promoter Score
  • 35% reduction in alert case counts

About authors

Robert Brillhart

Global Head of Intelligent Customer Operations

Scott Manghillis

Business Transformation Manager
Scott Manghillis helps clients transform their technology into digital, omnichannel, personalized solutions.