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We empower your transition to the Cloud with a cutting-edge automated testing suite.

If you are looking for faster time-to market, cycle time reduction, improved quality, substantial cost savings, scalability, early detection of defects, increased test coverage, increased customer satisfaction with a focus on efficiency and accuracy, then your answer lies with Capgemini RapidTest, a comprehensive automated testing suite which accelerates Oracle customers journey to the Cloud.

Experience a new era of software testing. Simple to adopt and elegantly designed, with the power to give your testing real acceleration while ensuring your applications are performing at their peak.

What RapidTest brings to you –

  • Concurrent Execution
    Parallel execution of test scripts
  • Regression
    Regression testing for Oracle Cloud new releases and ongoing Cloud implementation projects
  • Accuracy
    Faster and accurate test execution with execution report
  • Flexible Approach
    Enables individual module/ process specific test execution based on the release changes
  • Reusability
    Increased Reusability with Automatic Test Script Generation for rollouts and use of test bank
  • Effort reduction
    Reduces new test script effort due to function-based automation design

True end-to-end validation across your entire quality lifecycle:

The RapidTest difference –

  • Cycle time reduction 50-60% test cycle time reduction as compared to manual testing
  • Bandwidth improvement 70% business bandwidth reduction for verifying and validating test results
  • Pre-Built test assets 600+ pre-built scripts for more efficient and better coverage testing out of the gate
  • Effort reduction Automation effort reduction, given the pre-existing multi-module test script banks
  • Service virtualization 5X reduction in maintenance
  • Accelerated quality 3x more QA productivity

Get Started with RapidTest – Trust us to pave the way for a smooth and successful transition, providing you with the confidence to embrace the limitless possibilities of Cloud technology.