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Business analysis

“It’s nice to be able to develop close relationships, even in a large organization.”

A special Capgemini memory

Recently we had an internal innovation competition in North America. You can form a team with anyone to develop a new idea that helps a client. The team I was on won a prize for an idea focused on limiting food waste in grocery stores. It was the first time Canada participated in the challenge and we won!

My favourite things about Capgemini

I haven’t experienced a lot of the bureaucratic roadblocks many people would see in a similar organization. I’ve had the chance to meet and collaborate with a lot of people I wouldn’t have expected. It’s a flat organization and everyone is very approachable.

I definitely can’t say that I’ve ever been micromanaged or told what I need to be doing. I have the freedom to decide how to do my work and with what methods, as long as the deliverables meet the standard required. I like that freedom.

Ways I am involved at Capgemini

I was an ambassador for Capgemini at the Collision Conference in Toronto. We had a booth at the conference and I got the opportunity to talk to people who might not have known about us. It was a great experience.

Other ERG activities I’m involved in include Women Lead and African American and Black People Transforming Capgemini. I attend a few meetings every month and get to hear from a lot of people around the world working in different areas of the business.

Reasons I am proud to work at Capgemini

I’m proud to work at a place where I can impact change. I’ve had the opportunity to voice my opinions during industry strategy sessions. I’ve been able to see the impact I’m making, especially on the Canadian side of things.

My advice to fellow campus hires on joining Capgemini

It’s really important to be open to learning and continuous change. You may not have a role that is completely defined, so be open to whatever you have to learn. You’ll have a mentor or someone to talk to so make use of those resources as well.

How I am getting the future I want

I’ve had a lot of time to explore where I would like to be. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to shadow other people to get an idea of where I would best fit. When I first joined, I was matched with someone I still talk to every other week. Outlining my career goals and defining a clear plan has helped in that journey.