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“There is a culture here that values people and acknowledges them as an asset to the organization.”

Capgemini Canada invited employees to apply for a team spot in the inaugural Capgemini International Rugby Cup (IRC) in fall 2023. A country-wide vote selected the eight employees who would join nine other teams consisting of 14 nationalities in Paris to compete in a friendly rugby match.

My rugby journey

Why I got involved in Capgemini’s Rugby Cup

First of all, I was trying to boost my fitness and thought this would be a good opportunity. I had enough time to prepare to play rugby, and it was a good excuse to practice and test my strength and endurance. Secondly, it was Paris so that was a huge motivator! It was the first time Capgemini Group had done something like this, and it speaks to the investment we’ve been making in people and passion for sport, and how we’re trying to evolve as a company.

My most memorable moment from the trip

The whole experience was so invigorating. During the timeouts between the actual rugby matches, the whole team would get together and operate as one unit. We weren’t active rugby players, but there was commitment and team spirit – it was bonding at its best.

Canada’s rugby team ready to take the field. L-R: Fady Youwakim, Catherine Audia, Michelle Nifco, Guillaume Gilliard, Cyril Saint-Amans, Ryan La Marche, Sindhu Raj, Mayand Tiwari

My Capgemini journey

My evolving role at Capgemini Canada

I’ve been with Capgemini for 13 years and, in that time, I’ve worked in multiple roles – in India and now Canada. I joined right after university and started as a developer, then got involved in leading technical design and development while also guiding QA and production support teams. I was given an opportunity to change my role and move into the business side of the work, where I started as a junior business analyst. Now I lead a team of business analysts.

How Capgemini empowers me to master my skills

I’m lucky because my managers are very supportive and assist in guiding me to achieve what I want. Capgemini University has learning programs that are accessible to all, and I upskill whenever I can. I’m a strong believer in feedback loops because they help in understanding the consequences of our actions and help to drive us closer to our goals.

How I’ve gotten involved beyond my job

I’m a local city champion for Women @ Capgemini Americas employee resource group. I help with event coordination and communications, and as a group we come together to pitch in ideas. We also have a PX (people experience) team I volunteer for. Recently we had a potluck for one of our “traditional” days. Everyone who signed up had to bring a dish from their own culture. Participating in these events and connecting with employees outside of my project has really augmented my work/life balance. I know it’s not just a nine-to-five job and I can contribute beyond my role.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini Canada?

I’m living proof that opportunities to get the future you want are here if you network and make use of every available chance. Don’t wait, be proactive: attend events, talk to people, share your thoughts, and always be open to receiving and giving feedback. Capgemini has an open door policy and you can always reach out and ask for help.

The best thing about working at Capgemini Canada

It walks the talk.