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Capgemini Named a Leader in ISG Ranking of US Next-Gen ADM and Continuous Testing Providers


Capgemini has been named a market leader among providers of next-gen application development and maintenance (ADM) services, and continuous testing, in a new report (click here to download) from global technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG).

In its 2019 U.S. ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen ADM Services Quadrant Study, the firm evaluated Capgemini against 28 companies based on portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength. We were named a leader because of our ability to use application services to help enterprises achieve agility and solve business problems.
Next-gen ADM is a critical topic for CIOs because it reflects how the role of IT enables the business agility needed to thrive in the digital age.

Here’s a summary of the quadrants and why Capgemini was named a leader in each:

1. Next-gen ADM

We were named a leader because of our ability to identify key processes and KPIs that impact business performance, and then apply business-specific metrics into our contractual models to meet customers’ requirements.

For example, ISG cited Capgemini’s innovation strategy capabilities that help organizations execute new ideas and develop prototypes or proof-of-concept projects with short deadlines and limited budgets.

The Applied Innovation Exchange is Capgemini’s global platform that is designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations, and to contextualize and experiment with them within their specific industry. Our recent acquisitions, including Fahrenheit 212, LiquidHub, Idean, and LyonsSG, augment our AIE initiatives and support the ADM engagements in transformative services.

In this category, ISG evaluated Capgemini’s traditional application services such as consulting, design, custom development, etc., and how we design contracts around a value-based approach to solving business problems. ISG examined our capability to augment traditional ADM services with emerging technologies/methodologies like agile, DevOps, automation, digital and modernization techniques.

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2. Next-gen ADM in Financial Services and Manufacturing

Capgemini was named a leader in sector-specific next-gen ADM rankings including the BFSI industry, which is comprised of banking, diversified financial and insurance companies. The report cited our more than 40 solution accelerators to address digital challenges. Examples include BDD Swift (an automation framework to generate automation test cases based on user stories) and App Swift (a code generation solution accelerator for cloud-ready apps).

Capgemini also received the highest mark in the manufacturing industry, which includes conglomerates, capital goods, construction, consumer durables (like automotive, household appliances), aerospace and defense, materials, semiconductor, technology hardware and equipment companies. ISG said Capgemini’s offerings span the manufacturing delivery chain, and take an impressive approach to modernize and transform the core while ensuring business continuity.

The intelligent automation capabilities within our Automation Drive Suite was cited as one of the ways Capgemini helps manufacturers achieve digital excellence and continuous evolution. The Automation Drive Framework embraces the full spectrum of what intelligent automation has to offer a company, from monitoring, robotics and orchestration services to advanced artificial intelligence and cognition – along with fully-autonomous services.

3. Continuous Testing

In this category, companies were assessed based on their progress made and capabilities developed for creating a continuous testing environment with measurable outcomes for their clients.

According to the report, Capgemini has undertaken major transformation initiatives to better align itself with the continuous testing requirements of enterprise clients thereby making us an ideal partner to engage for new methods like context-based testing. ISG cited Capgemini’s strengths in its delivery ecosystem, strong intellectual property, and re-defined SLAs that support shift-left. Click here to learn more about our testing services.

Continuous testing is gaining momentum, especially to help enterprises keep pace with their agile and DevOps initiatives. ISG examined how Capgemini focuses on delivering quality assurance at speed and encompasses various aspects of automated testing such as shift-left and end-to-end automation across testing phases.

Additionally, it evaluated how Capgemini enables greater collaboration among QA and development teams, so they can sync with sprint cycles and promote feature-driven testing, responsiveness to change, feedback loops and greater client involvement.

The Future Belongs to the Agile

ISG’s report illustrates the importance of next-gen ADM and continuous testing for CIOs and their IT team, and Capgemini’s leadership position reflects its dedication to helping them become agile to thrive in the digital age.

While there has always been a direct link between the application portfolio and business performance, in the digital age these applications drive more than operational efficiency. There’s an opportunity for CIOs to enable their developers to spend more time innovating and collaborating, acting like a nimble start-up. This helps the business continuously evolve and adapt faster than competitors.

Business initiatives accelerate. Costs decrease. And your enterprise can achieve the business objectives of digital transformation much faster, more securely, and at a lower total cost.