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The best of inventors: The next generation of French genius

Lucia Sinapi
11 Jul 2023

They selected 100 French startups in quantum, AI, Climate Tech, Cybersecurity, Med/BioTech, AgriTech, SpaceTech, Web3… that are considered promising in 2023 and will change people’s lives for good.

Great to see (again) that Capgemini is collaborating with many in this list (PROMÉTHÉE Earth IntelligenceAscendance Flight TechnologiesWhiteLab GenomicsYogosha, etc.).
We will continue to play our role in identifying tomorrow’s champions and being their growth and co-innovation partners to impact industries and societies at scale.

Meet the author

Lucia Sinapi

Executive VP – Capgemini Ventures Managing Director
All along my professional career, I have been embracing a variety of domains and roles, both in the finance area or more recently in charge of a Capgemini business unit over 3 continents. Key drivers in this journey have been a mix of curiosity and strong commitment. Now in charge of Capgemini Ventures, I am delighted to extend this approach to the innovation playfield, and in particular to innovation stemming from the start-up ecosystem.