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Capacity and diesel indices grow while price index declines

21 Feb 2017

Utrecht – The thirtieth edition of the Transport Market Monitor (TMM) by Transporeon and Capgemini Consulting reveals that transport prices decreased by 0.6% in Q4 2016 compared to Q3 2016.

3>Main highlights of the report:

  • The price index decreased by 0.6% in Q4 2016 (index 94.5). When comparing to the index level of the previous year, Q4 2015, we see that the price index decreased by 3.7%.
  • Compared to the same month in 2015, all months in 2016 show a decrease in the price index.
  • The capacity index increased to an index level of 93.6 (+10.3%) in Q4 2016. Compared to Q4 2015, the capacity index is 5.7% higher.
  • The diesel index displayed growth for the third quarter in a row, to an index of 75.2. This index is 7.6% higher than Q3 2016.

Erik van Dort, Supply Chain Director at Capgemini notes: “There was a lot of supply available in November and December, and the price level suffered in November. We saw prices restoring in December, however. But with the usual unbalance in demand and supply in the first quarter it is logical to expect a further decline in prices in Q1 2017.”

Peter Förster, Managing Director of Transporeon, added: “The transport price index was below the level of 2015 for the entire year of 2016, by an 5.2% on average. One reason for this was the low diesel price. Admittedly, a further decrease of the price index is expected for the first quarter of 2017. Since the diesel price index ultimately continued to rise, however, I assume that the transport price index will be considerably higher as of the second quarter of 2017. ”

More details can be found in the Transport Market Monitor on

The Transport Market Monitor by Transporeon and Capgemini Consulting is a quarterly publication that aims to track transport market dynamics.

The aim of the Transport Market Monitor is to provide insights in the development of transport prices, and other transport market dynamics to logistics executives and other interest groups. It is a joint initiative from TRANSPOREON and Capgemini Consulting. The Index is based on the logistics platform TRANSPOREON on which shippers tender and process their transport needs to their preferred transport partners on a daily basis. Anonymously, information is unlocked from the platform and analyzed by Capgemini Consulting. This results in monthly Indices which are published on a quarterly basis.

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