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Banner Health connects business and IT to drive patient journey

Managed services creates an environment for success

Banner Health is one of the largest non–profit healthcare systems in the country, committed to ensuring all its locations are safe places for care. From building hospitals to new acquisitions, driving growth is important to Banner Health. In addition to expanding its infrastructure, it also recognizes the need to grow digitally.  

Banner Health engaged Sogeti to implement a strategy to improve processes, but that involved more than revamping the application-development lifecycle framework. Banner Health understood it needed to reposition for digital transformation. It needed significant investments to the website and mobile systems to drive real change.

In partnership with Banner, the Sogeti team also allows Banner Health to quickly expand capabilities to meet demand, so it can step up and provide services quickly.  

With the business and IT connected, Banner Health continues to grow both physically and digitally to continue to offer its patients the best healthcare journey possible. 

Read Banner Health transforms its digital patient journey for more details. 

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