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5375 Electronic permitting
Client Story

Connected Worker – Electronic Permitting

Digital tool delivers increased safety, reliability, and productivity

Safety is always a major focus for Chevron Phillips Chemicals and the elements in the connected worker implementation are dedicated to the wellbeing of employees. The new digital tool, called SWIFT, allows CPChem to move from paper permits to entering information on smartphones and tablets. This information is synchronized automatically, so the permit process is easier and more efficient.

Permitting is required when machinery needs to be shut down for repair or maintenance. Different elements have to be coordinated to ensure the work can happen safely, such as shutting off a power source and managing high-pressure lines.

Employees in the field begin the permitting process by entering information on smartphones, which automatically triggers the other permits required for the work and notifies groups that need to be involved.

Read how SWIFT is making operations more intelligent, efficient, and standardized across all plants while increasing safety at CPChem.