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Improving sales performance with Oracle Sales Cloud

Region: North America

Industry: Healthcare

Technology solutions:

  • Oracle SFA including contact, opportunity, leads, accounts, activities, partners, and social
  • Partner relationship management


  • Company wanted to reexamine existing legacy applications, upgrade applications to the cloud, and improve its sales performance
  • Needed a solution to help manage partner performance and provide a unified global sales process
  • Objective was to reduce maintenance cost and effort while reducing customization to minimize the maintenance effort and operate on a platform-independent, multi-device capable solution
  • Needed to increase user satisfaction and acceptance compared to the legacy SFA application and provide business partners direct access to the cloud solution


  • Assessed existing landscape and operating model to craft a transformation journey and strategy for a unified global sales process
  • Developed a global Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) template in the first phase and then expanded to deliver two additional phases
  • Migrated the client from the legacy Siebel application to OSC and integrated it with a new CPQ and an existing SAP Order Management application
  • Integrated with Eloqua and legacy applications to process marketing leads, Outlook, and legacy data warehouse
  • Implemented Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to manage partners
  • Implemented SFA functionality including leads, accounts, and opportunities
  • Replace the legacy on-premises SFA application supporting 6,500-plus users
  • Seamlessly integrated into the overall CRM IT landscape, including integration with the new Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application


  • Improved analytics provides users with real-time data and customizable reports and dashboards
  • Reduced maintenance, increased cost savings, and sped deployment of new functionality and features
  • A more streamlined and unified sales process globally
  • Better tracking of partner performance and integrated selling with partners
  • Ability to scale more easily and fewer performance issues

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