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Streamlining Retail – A faster, more convenient checkout

“Capgemini was able to bring the latest insights and the right partners to the project,” said Martin van Vugt, Engagement Director / Lead for the Smart Digital Store, Capgemini. “… Our solution is grounded in reality. The suppliers are proven and were chosen based on our extensive experience on previous projects that involved similar technologies.”

One of Europe’s leading gas retailers called on Capgemini to help streamline its station forecourt and shop, using proven technologies to enhance the customer experience.

Capgemini designed a model shopping process to enable transactions to be as frictionless as possible, while encouraging customers to make use of all available facilities. The process is based on the Smart Digital Store framework built through collaboration with partner Intel.  This process reshapes the visit to the gas station around the customer’s needs.

Client Challenges / Business Need:

  • Streamline the Fuel and Go process at gas stations
  • Make shopping frictionless to encourage more customers to shop in store, and to spend more
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty


  • Carried out research into customer and staff workflows at the retailer’s premises
  • Identified the main pain points for customers
  • Designed a streamlined retail process, including hassle-free payments
  • Identified partners that offer proven technologies to deliver the solution


  • The retailer now has a model shopping experience, with a plan for technical implementation based on proven technologies

The first phase of the project, to design the ideal customer journey and identify enabling technologies, is now complete. The next step is for the retailer and Capgemini to implement a pilot project and execute the plan.

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Martin van Vugt
Principal Consultant,
Consumer Products & Retail, Capgemini

Genevieve Chamard
Smart Digital Store Enablement Lead
NA/LATAM, Capgemini

Revathy Rajendran
Smart Digital Store Enablement Lead,
EMEA/APAC, Capgemini

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