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Capgemini fuels collaboration with Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America through transformative new data platform

04 Oct 2022

New York /Paris –October 04, 2022 – Capgemini announced today the successful creation of a data ecosystem for longstanding client Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America. The new platform will improve the organization’s capabilities in data-driven decision making and innovation to drive efficiencies and more reliable extracts.

Panasonic Automotive is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America specializing in innovations that are revolutionizing the driving experience. By streamlining its data processes with the Microsoft Azure platform with Power BI (Business Intelligence) for data visualization, Panasonic Automotive has built a centralized, stable foundation for its data team to promote innovation and capture more reliable results across the business.

“Data really enables our people,” says Scott Kirchner, President of Panasonic Automotive. “If people can see how their piece of the business or another area they are related to is working, they can have more innovation and accountability as to how they can impact operations. It is empowering.” 

For this project, Capgemini established an aggressive six-month timeline to migrate Panasonic Automotive’s existing data reporting platform to Microsoft Azure, built on a single-instance software system. This new data lake architecture solution provides a solid, stable foundation for the data team and utilizes data from across Panasonic Automotive’s business units to centralize their wealth of information. This results in more reliable data extracts in a much shorter timeframe, setting the organization up for future artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases.

“This collaboration shows Capgemini’s commitment to understanding our clients’ goals and then making them a reality,” said Venkat Padmanabhan, Account Executive for Panasonic, Capgemini. “We’re glad to have a strong relationship with Panasonic Automotive, and to utilize our skills in data migration and automotive connectivity to successfully complete this project and support Panasonic Automotive’s dedication to passion, quality, and innovation.”  

Since migrating to the data lake, the Panasonic Automotive Business Intelligence team is spending less than 20% of their time on support-related tasks – down from approximately 50% on the previous platform. The transformed ecosystem can present well-informed data in significantly less time, with increased accuracy and reliability.

In addition to this data transformation project, Panasonic Automotive and Capgemini have worked together for more than five years, streamlining Panasonic Automotive’s applications with automation and ongoing support from Capgemini’s full stack of application data management capabilities, ADMnext.

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