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Applications are your business. So you’d better secure them.

With 73% of security breaches occurring at the application layer, identifying vulnerabilities has become a priority for organizations worldwide. Many organizations now depend on the rapid release of critical applications to remain competitive. Our Application Security Testing solution makes it simple and fast to initiate fundamental security controls, whether you have just a few applications or are looking to launch a comprehensive security program across your organization.

With Capgemini’s Application Security Testing service:

  • You simply purchase a subscription and our experts systematically test all your applications – Web-based, mobile, or business applications, proprietary or open source – prior to release.
  • You get a balanced mix of manual and automated testing depending on the level of service you need, using best-in-class tools and processes from Capgemini and world-class partners.
  • You receive actionable results via a single, intuitive dedicated portal. The portal gives you the ability to scan requests, review results, and view dashboards that help you understand your application security posture and build the most appropriate remediation strategy.
  • You can customize your dashboards in terms of business priorities or technical complexity.
  • You ensure objectivity by separating the testing process from development, and you get a whole new level of scalability and repeatability.
  • You get broader and more accurate coverage because we combine top-tier analyst tools, continuously updated threat intelligence, and expertise based on many years of testing experience to detect vulnerabilities – all delivered by security experts based in multiple geographies.
  • You have the flexibility to test wherever you undertake development activity, ensuring responsiveness to your time pressures and enabling faster.