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Subscription-management models have changed how enterprises interact with their customers. They provide consumers with the items they want and the services they need in a personalized package to deliver higher value at a flexible cost. Subscription management is also more conducive to establishing a customer relationship with its more frequent touchpoints to ensure high product quality and a frictionless service experience.

Organizations that employ subscription models can create new and recurring revenue opportunities. To benefit from this, however, requires a robust billing-management solution, such as SAP BRIM. This tool facilitates revenue management while providing needed scalability and flexibility to monetize subscription-based services in real time. SAP BRIM also factors in customer behavior to provide personalized offerings to consumers for a great value and at the right price.

Capgemini’s SAP BRIM/EDGE solution makes SAP BRIM on SAP S/4HANA the optimal solution for all business-partner and customer-facing financials and processes.  Capgemini’s solution provides 360-degree views of customers and contracts, allowing you to manage bundled orders, complex billing, revenue recognition, and financial reporting.

Our solution delivered in the cloud also leverages Intel Optane persistent memory to help clients achieve optimum performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Read the brochure to learn more about the power of Capgemini’s SAP BRIM/EDGE solution.