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Data for Net Zero

The impetus to act is now.

When navigating sustainable change, as we must all do, data is the steering edge. Act on sustainability and you can create impact at scale. Our belief in the transformative power of data and AI allows us to envision and build a positive future for the planet.

The recent report Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 2022) leaves no doubt about the increasing evidence of the need for climate action: limiting warming to around 1.5°C requires global greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 43% by 2030.

While many businesses and governments have set net-zero targets, the evolving regulatory ecosystem and increasing pressure from investors and clients, combined with organizational and operational difficulties to measure emissions, mean that they now need to be fully equipped to act on their carbon accounting.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Organizations are facing major challenges; it is high time they measure their current emissions and the impact of their actions to adjust their net-zero strategy and plans.

To achieve their goals and provide the necessary proof-points on their ESG performance, organizations have to master data coming from different sources and suppliers and share across their business functions and value chain.

Net zero intelligence supercharges your sustainability performance

Start the transformation now. Turn ambition into laser-focused action. It’s time to level up.

By acting on carbon accounting, you’ll drive transparency and accountability on your ESG commitments. Once you’ve evaluated your current state, you can define your strategy; translating carbon assessment into tangible insights to monitor and report at scale through industrialized measurement powered by our trusted Data & AI accelerators and solutions.

Enable simulations and advanced sustainability analytics providing centralized real-time insights, and you’ll form action plans – shaping your net-zero ambitions into a universal, sustainable future for you and others.

Act on your carbon accounting with Data for Net Zero

Our approach is to support organizations at any point of their environmental data journey.

This approach is based on their profile and maturity, and we support each CxO to set up a net-zero-intelligence nerve center at the crossroad of all enterprise functions, converting their climate pledges into tangible insights.

As part of our overall sustainability framework, Data for Net Zero is seamlessly utilizing net-zero intelligence to build resilience and reduce climate and business risks by addressing three main objectives:

  • Measure to steer progress
  • Improve to reduce impact
  • Anticipate, adjust the climate action plan

Underpinned by an enviable track record in data strategy, governance, analysis, and the deployment of data solutions and platforms, we make the best of data to secure your net-zero transformations through three entry points:

  • Data strategy for Net Zero: Integrate the data vision into the overall net zero trajectory
  • Sustainability data hub: Identify operational and master data to feed the data hub, while setting up the right technological platform from raw environmental metrics ingestion to the delivery of high value sustainable analytics
  • ESG* data performance: Industrialize and automate ESG reporting in accordance with existing and upcoming frameworks to comply with evolving regulations and meet increasing expectations from investors.

Meet our experts

Valérie Perhirin

Managing Director, Data, Analytics & AI, Capgemini Invent
Valerie leads a global team of data scientists and analysts that partner with clients to design end-to-end data strategies. Her continued focus on leveraging the latest in technology and advancements in AI and modern analytics, ensures clients achive real business value at scale from data.