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Predictive Asset Maintenance with AWS

Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach

Digitized production can drive significant gains in productivity, efficiency, and profit for manufacturers everywhere. Today, because of outdated systems, many organizations take a reactive approach to asset maintenance, which means it can be difficult to stay ahead of problems like unexpected downtime or performance inefficiencies that can drive up costs.

Predictive Asset Maintenance with Capgemini and AWS

Capgemini’s Predictive Asset Maintenance enables you to leverage IoT technology and predictive analytics to monitor equipment health and predict failures. The solution leverages next-generation data collection, analytics, and communication with AWS artificial-intelligence and machine-learning services to help you move from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance.

This translates to improvements in overall equipment effectiveness, reduction in maintenance costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, with Capgemini’s pre-configured analytics, you can accelerate deployment by up to 50%.

Benefit from our expertise

Capgemini and AWS have supported manufacturers all over the world in their shift to digital, including helping an industrial gas company reduce downtime and optimize operations with a predictive asset-maintenance solution for a complex equipment landscape. To every project, we bring deep experience, rich expertise in cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and accelerators to help you realize value, faster.

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