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Capgemini launches new set of generative AI offerings

Building on a strong generative AI momentum, the Group has boosted its capabilities across the business and is launching a new set of end-to-end generative AI offerings to deliver on a strong pipeline of client opportunities

28. Juli 2023

Paris, July 28, 2023 – Already a leading player in the Data & AI market, Capgemini is well positioned to support clients through their next era of digital transformation thanks to the breadth of its generative AI services, deep industry expertise, and its industrialized delivery assets.

As a trusted business and technology transformation partner to its clients, Capgemini has successfully delivered many generative AI projects over the last few years, particularly in Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail, and Financial Services.[1] In recent months, Capgemini has seen an acceleration of client focus and demand around generative AI. In that context, the Group is today launching a generative AI portfolio of services, spanning from strategy definition through to practical development and implementation of generative AI at scale. It includes:

  • “Generative AI strategy” enables CXOs to define and prioritize the most relevant generative AI use cases for their business, demonstrate the tangible value that can be achieved, and lay the right foundations in terms of people, process and technology for scaling their generative AI investments while mitigating the risks.
  • “Generative AI for Customer Experience” enhances customer experience with 4 dedicated generative AI assistants. It allows hyper-personalized customer experience with a synthetic design assistant, elevates customer self-service with personalized chatbots, augments customer care services with a content and knowledge assistant and boosts sales teams performance with a product & offers knowledge assistant.
  • “Generative AI for Software Engineering helps improve efficiency and quality across the whole software life cycle (from design and coding to documentation, testing, deployment, and operations), accelerate the time to market for new software, and reduce the technical debt[2] of enterprises by facilitating large modernization programs of legacy software. It also enables increased security with a reduced attack surface by automatically identifying bugs or vulnerabilities and proposing adjustments to software development teams.
  • “Custom generative AI for Enterprise” enables enterprises who have sensitive data to have custom generative AI assistants fine-tuned with their key proprietary data, in order to get maximum business value impact. The Group has designed a platform to combine the power of pre-trained open large foundation models (LFMs) with enterprise proprietary data to fine-tune LFMs to the needs of each client. These customized models, building from company know-how, can create unique and reliable outputs and help organizations accelerate on many fronts – from customer experience to R&D, or assisting support and business functions to increase performance.

“Generative AI is already becoming a key pillar of digital transformation for businesses, and we see a breadth of opportunities to unlock substantial business value for our clients, which go way beyond important productivity gains,” comments Franck Greverie, Chief Portfolio Officer, Global Business Lines leader[3] and Group Executive Board Member at Capgemini. “We are proud to be a preferred partner to support our clients through their generative AI business journey, from defining their generative AI strategy and selecting priority use cases through to development, implementation, and scaling. For clients who have key sensitive data, we are developing custom generative AI solutions, fine-tuned with their proprietary data, to create maximum business value. This is a pivotal moment because generative AI is accelerating even further the already very strong market demand for AI services that we are seeing.”

The Group is currently working with Heathrow Airport to elevate the passenger experience by implementing cutting-edge eCommerce and other passenger service solutions through its Generative AI for Customer Experience offer.

We are excited to partner with Capgemini to enhance the experience of our passengers who travel through our airport. Together with Capgemini’s GenAI partners, we are building solutions that will assist, empower and delight those passengers with faster, more comprehensive and sensitive customer service,” said Pete Burns, Director Marketing and Digital, Heathrow Airport Limited.

Capgemini has established a dedicated generative AI practice to rapidly scale its capability, solutioning and delivery, as well as a Generative AI Lab to follow the evolution of the technology and research the most relevant use cases and collaborations with businesses or academia for clients. The Group has already announced new partnerships in the generative AI value chain, including with Google Cloud and Microsoft. Capgemini is aiming to train a large part of its workforce on generative AI, embedding AI training as a key requirement into all of its development and training curriculum.

[1] For example, the Group has supported various banks on code conversion into newer coding languages or on improving customer experience through elevated self-service, and has been delivering a generative AI content creation engine for content production to assist marketing teams of a large consumer products Group.

[2] Refers to the implied cost of future reworking required when choosing an easy but limited solution instead of a better approach that could take more time

[3] Director of cloud infrastructure services, Business Services, and Insights & Data