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Cyber Defense Center

Almost all organizations will experience a data security breach this year. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference.

Our network of connected 24/7 Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs) gives you the resources and skills you need to counter the threat – fast.

A new generation of cybersecurity

It takes an average 99 days* for a malicious attack to be identified. In the meantime, data privacy and protection have become core to today’s security strategies: data fuels business success. It’s clear that a new generation of cybersecurity is needed. Even if you are well protected with the right tools and the right processes in place, you still leave yourself open to attack if you are not monitoring systems; detecting potential security incidents; and able to make changes to your operations quickly when a threat is detected.

Understanding and assessing your risks

We recognize that every enterprise has its own unique security requirements based on the market and market segment they operate in. That’s why we always begin by helping our clients understand and quantify their risk profiles, identify critical data assets, and assess their current security strategies and levels of protection. Only then will we tailor the end-to-end services delivered through our proven Cyber defense center (CDC) model to each client’s specific context and business ambitions.

Your security; your choice of delivery model

There is no one-size-fits all approach to cybersecurity. So, our services are offered though different delivery modes based on the information we gather about your security needs – a Dedicated SOC, a Managed SOC, or our Hybrid model. Our network of global CDCs stretches across the world, with CDCs in India, Europe and North America complemented by satellite CDCs. They collaborate, share expertise and best practices, and communicate success stories in their relentless pursuit of robust cybersecurity.

Threat intelligence and regulatory compliance

We use data to turn our clients from the hunted into the threat hunters. We bring together SIEM, network security monitoring, endpoints monitoring, payload analysis and offline big data analytics in an intelligence-driven approach. This incorporates a broad range of threat intelligence sources, allied with industry-leading analytics capabilities. We then use the data to align a client’s required cybersecurity actions with the specific needs of each market in which they are active.
We also help clients comply with regulatory changes relating to security, including Europe’s NIS Directive, the EU’s GDPR, and New York State Department of Financial Services regulations in the US.

*Mandiant (a FireEye company), M-Trends 2017 report

Podcast: An intelligence-led approach to cybersecurity

Join Richard Starnes and Christer Jansson as they discuss the advantages of a Security Operations Center, and how an intelligence-led approach can help organizations monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats.