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AR-VR solution for Utility Network Management

April 1, 2021

Capgemini’s E&U Industry Hub has developed a smart solution for the reporting, job scheduling, monitoring, repair, operations, and maintenance of utility networks.

The traditional method of defect identification in underground assets is highly error-prone and costly

Often, utility companies deploy their assets underground with the idea of avoiding interruptions due to human, vegetation, animal or even weather disruptions. Though it seems convenient, it also comes with its own set of challenges when we talk about the maintenance of these assets.

Paper Maps and Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) services have been the conventional method to identify and locate the defect in underground assets. Field service agents end up spending a significant amount of time trying to find the location of underground assets and real-time data for daily operation and maintenance. Inaccurate location details can end up causing damages to the existing underground infrastructure, thereby aggravating the problem of asset downtime, which may endanger life or property. Overall, it not only decreases operational efficiency and increases maintenance costs, but also deteriorates customer experience for utility companies.

Capgemini offers an innovative solution for the operation and maintenance of underground assets, leveraging the power of AR/VR, IoT, and GIS technology

The solution includes an AR/VR-powered mobile application that helps in the 3D visualization of underground assets using Hololens. The integration of Enterprise Asset systems with GIS and IoT platform facilitates the availability of real-time data and asset information. Using this data, the field maintenance crew can narrow down the location of the asset and then inspect for faults using the 3D visualization with AR/VR-based mobile application. After the determination of the fault, subsequent steps of reporting and raising job card for fault correction follows.

The solution pans from inspection and fault determination to inspection detailing, fault reporting, asset correction requests, job scheduling, asset management, and workforce management for utility networks. This also helps in the predictive maintenance of the assets.

Our NextGen solution drives sustainability

Sustainability is one of the key drivers of our solution. The solution applies modern, scientific methods and best practices to monitor, visualize, analyze, and report on the health of utility networks on a continual basis. Our solution helps utility companies to accurately assess the condition of network assets, predict the behavior of emerging faults, localize their origin, estimate the severity of faults, and help make informed decisions on maintenance planning and quicker restoration of the network.

The solution offers immense benefits to the utility in safeguarding the network infrastructure, prolong asset life and reduce maintenance expenses. The intelligent dashboard tracks the network performance, monitors trends including fault patterns, and displays them graphically on PC, tablets, or smartphones. The solution empowers the utility to perform advanced asset analytics using neural network algorithms to monitor changes in asset conditions and efficiency, enabling just-in-time maintenance and optimum network performance. Timely repair or replacement decisions enabled by the solution, help the utility companies prevent network faults, reduce network losses and corresponding carbon footprint, and therefore meet regulatory or sustainability obligations.

This solution comes with a plethora of benefits and can be applied to underground assets for water, electric, and gas utilities

Our AR-VR solution for utility networks provides a better and more accurate visualization of the underground infrastructure, which increases operational efficiency and drastically reduces both operational and capital expenditure for utility companies. Access to real-time data leads to better situational awareness and responsiveness, thereby improving inspection and maintenance efficiency. Accurate determination of the fault location also enables faster restoration, reduces the chances of accidents, and increases health and safety.

Also, this solution caters to a variety of underground assets and can be effectively deployed across all electric, water, and gas utility infrastructure.

To learn more about this solution or see it live in action, contact:

Bragadesh Damodaran Director, E&U Industry Hub    Jayant Sinha Energy & Utilities SME, E&U Industry Hub  
Amit Gupta GIS Expert, E&U Industry Hub  Sanish PH Technology Lead, E&U Industry Hub  
Aniket Mahato GTM Lead, E&U Industry Hub