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Enabling continuous user adoption at work

Eric Felix
9 Sep 2022

The key to maximizing the power of your SAP investments and ensuring that your IT – and your people – are efficiently contributing to the success of your business

To succeed and grow in a rapidly changing knowledge economy, it’s essential that market leaders equip their workforces with the right knowledge at the right time. This means offering the appropriate content and in-app guidance that enables professionals to effectively utilize the tools and software inherent in their work.

So much of your people’s ability to deliver the results you seek for your business tomorrow depends on the training, knowledge, and resources that you can offer them today. What’s more is that the right training, knowledge, and resources are crucial in attracting and keeping the best talent for your business. Adapting the way in which you train your people according to the evolving workforce and changing employee expectations by delivering digital content in a captivating format is crucial.

So, what’s the key to achieving this? How can you not only maximize your software and applications investments but also provide your employees with everything they need to delight your customers and ultimately grow your business as a renewable enterprise?

The answer lies in sourcing the right SAP enablement partner …

Introducing Capgemini’s Enablement as a Service (EaaS) – An all-inclusive ADM SAP integration and workforce empowerment solution

Capgemini’s Enablement as a Service (EaaS) solution is our training managed service for sustainable workforce enablement. As part of our ADMnext for SAP Solutions offering, EaaS is an all-inclusive ADM SAP integration and empowerment solution that applies a build-to-run approach, which supports your workforce enablement program from go-live to decommissioning by:

  • Aligning with your growing business through ensuring an up-to-date digital knowledge database, which follows SAP evolution and releases and combines content to be consumed remotely (eLearning) or directly in the production system (contextual help and GPS or autonomous guidance) 
  • Increasing IT efficiency and reducing costs through a self-service for routine user requests that tracks helpdesk solicitations and proposes digital knowledge content to answer recurring “how to” questions 
  • Developing a continuous operational efficiency mindset through regular analysis of your SAP utilization and the creation of digital content to support end-user operational effectiveness and improvement.

Driving the development of your future workforce today with the help of SAP Enable Now

Capgemini’s EaaS is underpinned by SAP Enable Now. SAP Enable Now is an Enterprise-wide Adoption and Productivity Platform that can bring your employees the real-time knowledge they need to succeed in any application, while improving their productivity and heightening user adoption across your business.

SAP Enable Now can offer your business – and most importantly, your people – the in-application assistance and enablement content for an intuitive employee user experience. In addition to comprehensive software training and development, today’s employees expect a quick and easy “Google” for answers to their technology questions at work.

However, effectively integrating this solution into your business comes with a host of challenges: Delivering under tight time constraints, maintaining high volumes of content, and continuously meeting employee expectations with user-centric, intuitive experiences.

In addressing these challenges, Capgemini’s EaaS effectively helps you to:

  • Onboard newcomers and effectively manage the entire employee training and development lifecycle
  • Maintain and grow the proper level of employee knowledge and capability   
  • Proactively adhere to the evolution of your workforce expectations from “encyclopedia universalis” to “Google on demand”
  • Access and scale digital adoption technologies.

In addition to the above benefits – what really makes Capgemini’s EaaS unique – is that it functions as an all-inclusive service that spans consulting, content delivery, and the ability to foster new technology implementation and the administration of Cloud-enabling technologies. Most importantly, with EaaS, all your access to SAP Enable Now technology is taken care of – along with every instance of Cloud administration, implementation, and user management.

To learn more about Capgemini’s EaaS and our overall ADMnext for SAP Solutions offering – and how you can ensure that you maximize the business value of your workforce and SAP investments, contact me here

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      Eric Felix

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