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Modernizing your data estate with IDEA by Capgemini

Eric Reich

Today’s organizations know they need to become data-powered enterprises. Regardless of the sector in which they operate, competition is fierce and unlocking the value within an organization’s data is a strategic advantage that cannot be ignored. It’s no longer a question of “whether” to do this, but “how.”

But many companies stumble over that requirement. In its 2020 report The Data-Powered Enterprise, the Capgemini Research Institute discovered that progress is being made but only 39 percent of organizations surveyed had been able to turn data-powered insights into a sustained competitive advantage.

Companies have the data: that’s not the problem. But typically, that data has been collected in organizational silos and resides on legacy systems – some of them decades old. Those silos and systems make it difficult for decision makers to gain a holistic view of their business and their customers. It’s almost impossible for companies to use data assets on legacy systems to enable better decision making across the enterprise.

To help businesses overcome this significant challenge, we created Industrialized Data and AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) by Capgemini. This solution leverages our expertise in data engineering, analytics, and AI. It integrates our tools with the powerful cloud data services enabled by Microsoft Azure. And it allows companies to take advantage of the full range of Microsoft’s own applications and solutions.

IDEA by Capgemini consists of several modules, developed using Platform-as-code-plus (PaC+) principles. This solution includes a number of modules specifically designed to modernize data, so an enterprise may then unlock hidden value.

  • Data Discovery & Migration Studio analyzes a customer’s existing data estate and creates a customized migration plan to move data to a modern, cloud-based platform.
  • Ingestion Studio establishes an industrialized framework that will enable the generation of real-time insights from the customer’s data – right out of the gate.
  • Cloud Data Foundation creates a flexible, scalable architecture that allows a company to collect data from multiple systems and silos into a unified, cloud-based data lake.
  • Trusted Data Product Studio ensures that data trust and security are maintained across the entire data estate.

In addition to these, IDEA by Capgemini features several modules designed to take advantage of the company’s modernized data estate to activate insights, scale solutions, and enable new revenue streams.

Together, IDEA by Capgemini and Microsoft Azure delivers a clear, fast, and scalable path from innovation to industrialization. We accelerate the data estate modernization process with a 40 percent faster delivery time. Then we enable enterprises to apply state-of-the-art AI and analytics to their data – boosting business value and creating the advantages companies need to succeed.