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New AI Compute Paradigm: The Language Processing Unit (LPU)

Dheeren Vélu
Feb 27, 2024

Could NVIDIA’s AI and GPU dominance be at risk?

Have you heard about #LPUs, or Language Processing Units yet? This new kid on the block is 10x faster, 90% less latency, minimal energy vs. Nvidia GPUs. What does this mean for #ai‘s #genAI future?

I explore this massive shift in my latest article. Discover how Groq could redefine AI hardware efficiency and challenge the current giant.

Meet the author

Dheeren Vélu

Web3 & NFT stream Lead of Capgemini Metaverse Lab
Dheeren is the Web3 & NFT Lead at Capgemini Metaverse Lab. As an innovation expert and Web3 strategist, he has an extensive background in artificial intelligence and is focused on developing novel concepts and business models in the emerging Web3 and metaverse areas, bringing to life innovative solutions and products, underpinned by the decentralized capabilities like smart contracts, tokens and NFT techniques.