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YayPay drives frictionless order-to-cash


Divya Turner: Hey Sarah-Jayne. Can you start by telling me a little about YayPay, your role within the company, and about YayPay’s partnership with Capgemini?

Sarah-Jayne Martin: Sure, absolutely. YayPay is an automated accounts receivables (AR) and collections management platform that enables B2B finance teams to consolidate their AR information in a single place, improve their working capital, and ultimately get paid faster.

My role is to help clients understand the platform, supporting them in getting to grips with the everyday applications of the platform, and helping them optimize the platform to ensure they are utilizing it to the full.

YayPay and Capgemini’s new global strategic alliance will enrich Capgemini’s integrated offering for its clients by enabling finance teams to optimize, simplify, and automate the entire AR process.

How does the YayPay platform enable Capgemini’s AI.Receivables solution to deliver next-generation, frictionless order-to-cash?

Through data integration, we’re able to pull in all of our client’s AR information straight form their ERP and present it to them in a way that helps them manage the different aspects of the order-to-cash (O2C) process. We also enable clients to make payments faster through the unique self-service portal available to them on the platform.

By bringing everything together from across the receivables spectrum means we enable O2C managers to have greater transparency across what is happening in their team. This keeps everyone on the same page so that operations run smoothly – and we also often introduce automation where we can, to ensure O2C operations are accelerated significantly for our clients moving forward.

How does YayPay leverage technology to deliver enhanced outcomes around cash and collections?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technology are at the heart of the YayPay platform. AI and ML ensures that collectors only contact customers with a high probability of non payment. This enables the collectors to focus only on value add activity. The natural language processing (NLP) within the communication functionality accelerates customer responses, provides training to new hires based on the type of query, and provides an opportunity to automate query management once the assisted ML within the NLP is trained. This also provides options tailored to their queries that significantly shorten resolution times – ultimately saving time and money.

The platform also leverages predictive analytics on payment trends and customer behavior to give finance teams more information on what their customers are doing – enabling them to deliver the desired business outcomes. All of this is based on information stored on the YayPay platform and our ability to present it in a way that enables enhanced, frictionless processes to be created. This means that anyone who needs to can look at their accounts receivable landscape at-a-glance and make changes where they are needed.

Finally, our unique platform is customizable. Whether this is tracking payment trends or flagging whenever an customer’s credit card is about to expire – YayPay has what any account receivables manager needs to deliver frictionless cash and collections.

What business outcomes and value can YayPay deliver to Capgemini’s clients?

There are a number of ways that the YayPay platform delivers value to clients. The first is increased revenue. The platform enables finance teams to increase the efficiency of their collections process by 34%, which increases cash flow from faster payments. This is driven by the payments prediction system embedded at the heart of the platform.

Secondly, the platform delivers 90% forecasting accuracy, based on the algorithm used to monitor end-user payment histories within the platform.

Finally, the YayPay platform helps finance teams improve customer experience (CX) by acting as both a collections tool and a customer service touchpoint when necessary. By monitoring the entire customer lifecycle, the platform enables us to create rules around how information is processed, ensuring finance teams keep their customers front-and-center, giving them transparency, and enabling them to make the right decisions for their business.

Finally, what’s next for YayPay?

YayPay is constantly looking for ways to improve by consistently taking customer feedback on board and ensuring they are better moving forward. Currently, YayPay is focusing on ensuring we have a solution for every step in the O2C process.

This means finance teams and their customers can focus on more business-critical tasks rather than on more time-consuming ones that may affect their bottom line.

Sarah-Jayne thank you for your time. It’s clear that the future is not only bright for YayPay, but also Capgemini’s clients too.

Sarah-Jayne Martin specializes in credit management, payment processing, collections, and accounts receivable. She has managed large global teams with a strong focus on improving efficiency within the order-to-cash cycle.

Divya Turner is the current global process owner for order-to-cash (O2C), the product owner for AI. Receivables, and has over 15 years of experience in driving innovation in O2C.