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XL2: A fresh approach to digital transformation

Markets can be turned upside down overnight. Supply chains can be broken in a day.

A digital core gives you the flexibility to minimize the impact, and to build sustainable growth. OEMs are deploying Capgemini’s deep technical, functional, and methodological knowledge in automotive to plan, implement, and scale digital core solutions. Our partnerships with OEMs take many forms. One is XL2 – a joint venture with Audi.

Audi’s fast track to key capabilities

Within two years, XL2 has developed the capabilities Audi needed in the digital transformation of production and logistics at the industrial core. Projects include everything from process and IT landscape transformation to the creation of innovative platforms and infrastructure. XL2’s offerings also include IT strategy and architecture consulting, SAP S/4HANA consulting and rollouts as well as the design and implementation of analytics and cloud services.

Talent magnet

Audi conceived of XL2 as a way to sustainably develop the IT skills needed for its digital transformation. It has proved highly attractive to skilled talent thanks to a combination of start-up flair and the security of corporate backing from Audi and Capgemini. Capgemini’s recruitment skills have been a huge boost to staff augmentation, team enlargement, and specialized skill acquisition. This has made it possible for XL2 to scale flexibly while growing its own skill base in a sustainable way.

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