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Digital inclusion

Inspiring futures

We collaborate with UK-based CodeYourFuture to train disadvantaged people in coding. Two of the program’s graduates share their experiences.

Through our partnership with UK-based non-profit organization CodeYourFuture (CYF), we are helping to train people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become web developers, and find work in the tech industry.

For two of the program’s graduates, Kadir Egilmez, who since joined Capgemini, and Deepa Akhil, CodeYourFuture has been a life-changing opportunity – and a chance to live their passion for coding.

Inspiration to succeed

Kadir Egilmez came to the UK from Turkey as a refugee, hoping to find a new start and a new career. “The demands of my job in Turkey meant I was often far from home and my two daughters. When I came to the UK I decided to try to find an opportunity in the technology industry.” 
Initially, Kadir tried to teach himself to code, but found it difficult. “There’s so much content and materials available online – but it’s like you’re alone in this big cloud of information. Finally, I found CodeYourFuture and realized it was what I was looking for.” 
Kadir admits he found the schedule challenging, and at one point was struggling with the workload. “The turning point for me was when I saw the commitment from the Capgemini volunteers. They give up so much of their time, including Sundays, to come and help us. I realized I had to make more sacrifices in terms of sleep, and seeing my family, to match the volunteers’ sacrifices.” 

Taking part in CodeYourFuture enabled Kadir to join Capgemini as an employee. “The course teaches you how to find solutions, but also how to ask for help, and how to approach new technologies. Making a website or an application can actually change someone’s life. CodeYourFuture is also a really supportive community, like a family. They give you a real sense of belonging – as well as the skills needed to succeed.”

A passion for coding

Deepa Akhil, another CodeYourFuture participant, arrived in Britain in 2010 with a post-graduate degree in computer engineering. “I originally got a place on the doctoral program at the University of Kent, one of the world’s top centers in computer science. Unfortunately, due to an administrative problem, I wasn’t able to take up my place,” she says. 
After a few difficult years, Deepa finally received some life-changing advice. “I was struggling,I was feeling depressed and anxious about my situation, I felt things were beyond my control as I was unable to study and fulfil my dream. Then someone at the British Red Cross told me about CodeYourFuture. I applied and was delighted to be accepted onto the course.” 
Following the course, Deepa was able to take on an internship at digital retail agency Holition, in London, organized by her CodeYourFuture mentor, a senior producer at the company. 

“I threw all my energy into this program”, she says. “I’ve been coding ever since I was 17. Anyone who meets me sees the passion I have for it. CodeYourFuture really understood my passion, and supported me all the way.”

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