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Your blueprint for developing transformative, customer-centric offers in chaotic times

In responding effectively to the ramifications of the COVID pandemic, many companies have had to rapidly change (and continue to change) the ways in which they bring their offerings to customers – in a big way.

The key to this change is innovative digital transformation efforts at speed, which are also highly flexibility and enable you to rapidly correct course in tumultuous markets. And it’s Agile & DevOps that forms the cultural and technical foundation in your ability to achieve this.

Developing fresh offerings and products faster

Within ADMnext, Capgemini has always employed an Agile & DevOps approach that is wholly focused on our clients’ businesses and the customers they serve. This means Agile & DevOps that is driven by ROI and customer-centric, product-based structures that align with your business goals.

Now, as we move through these uncertain times and continuing rapid shifts in markets, Capgemini has refined this approach further to help you better innovate with an Agile & DevOps model, which enables you to develop fresh offerings and products faster.

Agile & DevOps from ADMnext: innovative, business-focused offers and customer-centric feature prioritization and product evolution

Agile & DevOps is not an end-state but a journey that has specific milestones along the way to full maturity. Capgemini’s proven Agile & DevOps transformation model guides you on this journey through the development of business-focused offers and customer-centric feature prioritization and product evolution. This model comprises five key change areas and enables you to:

  • Focus on your IT strategy while better reacting to the COVID crisis by securing executive commitments, defining quick wins and incremental improvements, determining a roadmap for changes in ways of working, and planning the journey for increased Agile & DevOps maturity by articulating the various stage-gates and ascertaining your ROI
  • Move from project to product seamlessly through business setup, process area, customer channel, or business service drivers
  • Redefine your operating model by determining your technology and product objectives
  • Put a solid delivery method, architecture, and tool structure in place to shorten development times and automate repeat development and developer activities
  • Proactively measure performance with dynamic metrics that assess team performance, solution quality, business value delivered, security, operational reliability, team motivation and trust, and the ability to innovate.

Learn more

To learn how you can better innovate and develop fresh offerings and products faster in these turbulent times with Capgemini’s Agile & DevOps from ADMnext, download the brochure at the top of this page.

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Ritesh Mehta

Expert in ADMnext, Solution architecture
“As an ADMnext solution architect, I help clients transform their organizations to achieve operational efficiencies, increased speed, and heightened flexibility using our ADMnext offerings for ADM, DevOps, cloud, application analysis, and business insight.”