Software Framework Solutions for Networks

Software building blocks for the development of innovative next-gen products for carrier, data center and enterprise networks. We accelerate leading edge innovation thanks to our portfolio of 70+ Frameworks for Networking technologies.

Built on the flagship Capgemini Engineering ISS, Capgemini Engineering NOS is uniquely positioned to support the Network disaggregation strategies of Telco, Enterprise and Data centers with flexible business models.

Our networking frameworks and services enable network equipment manufacturers and communications service providers to build their own carrier grade solutions to fast track next-generation product roadmaps, rapidly deploy new services and leapfrog their competitors.

Our networking portfolio offering is based on a virtualized, scalable architecture that can deliver multiple services and serve a variety of applications simultaneously, which drives optimal resource use and accelerates deployment.

What we do

Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) Network Operating System (NOS)

A subscriber aware virtual software system that provides subscriber management, session management.

Capgemini is one of the very few software providers chosen, as a result of OpenBNG RFI process from Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

Our portfolio of SDN-enabled virtualized access solutions helps communications service providers (CSPs) navigate the massive software-based shift in the thought process and implementation of broadband access networks.

The Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (Virtual BNG) software framework is a subscriber aware system that provides subscriber management, session management and service edge functionality for the offered services. Our SDN-enabled virtual access solution for BNG provides a disaggregated architecture and full scalability, along with all the advantages of NFV deployments.

Next Generation of Virtualized Networks for Optical Line Terminals (OLT)

SDN enabled networking software frameworks for the next generation of virtualization access for optical line terminals for communication service providers.

Our portfolio of SDN-enabled virtualized access solutions helps communications service providers (CSPs) navigate the massive software-based shift in the thought process and implementation of broadband access networks.

This networking software framework is built upon on our proprietary Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS). SDvAS Virtual OLT solution provides a VOLTHA based Virtual OLT control plane that works with white box physical OLT systems supporting: Subscriber Management, Service Management, FCAPS and Multicast CAC. Download the brochure for more details.

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway Software (DCSG) Framework

Capgemini engineering’s DCSG software framework addresses the tip specifications and significantly reduces the R&D cycles for hardware and software for all NEPs and OEMs.

Capgemini DCSG (Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway) NOS has been awarded the Gold Badge by TIP thus becoming a “TIP Validated Solution” to build cell site gateways / routers with.

5G technology is driving growth in mobile networks. Legacy architecture cannot deliver the cost and time efficiencies necessitated by short technology lifetimes and the resultant compressed time window for product development, network rollout and investment recovery.

The new network architecture must have a disaggregated, open infrastructure for agility, choice, efficiency and innovation. The Telecom Infra Project (TIP), through its Open Optical & Packet Transport group, is addressing these needs.

Building tomorrow’s Virtualized Networks with SDVAS

SDN-enabled virtualized access solution. A software framework that allows independent selection of different platforms.

Enterprise and broadband access networks are evolving from application-specific, purpose-built equipment, to disaggregated systems built on general purpose, common-of-the-shelf (COTS) or white box platforms. Disaggregation, along with software defined networking (SDN) and virtualized network functions (VNFs) enables independent selection of different platforms and sub-functions without being locked into single vendor solutions.

Mobile Fronthaul Switching Software Framework

Capgemini Engineering’s Mobile Fronthaul Switching Software Framework is the industry’s first independent software framework for mobile fronthaul switches.

Ethernet is the choice across the operator community to drive down the cost of the mobile fronthaul network. However, traditional Ethernet switches are not equipped to handle this. Ethernet switches in the fronthaul network must support CPRI, eCPRI and RoE (Radio Over Ethernet). Ethernet switches must also meet the stringent timing and latency guarantee requirements.

With a complete set of Ethernet packet control and management features, along with support for CPRI and eCPRI interfaces and the latest TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) standards, Capgemini Engineering’s software framework helps OEMs / NEPs to address the complicated technology demand, deliver products within short time windows and recover investments in network upgrades within compressed lifecycles.


Capgemini Engineering vRouter/DOR NOS based on Capgemini Engineering’s Fast Path Architecture (FPA) solution which is software based data path, scalable, flexible and runs on commodity hardware platforms like Intel and ARM.

Data Center (DC) Network Operating System (NOS)

Our Data Center Network Operating System (DC NOS) is reliable, interoperable, and easy-to-use software that enables operators to leverage open-hardware platforms and create agile, scalable data centers while reducing Capex and Opex.

To cope with the ever-growing volume of data, data centers are upgrading their networks, increasing port speeds, and building capacity and complexity.
However, traditional business models no longer deliver a satisfactory return on investment. The shortened lifetime of equipment means the product development cycle for network upgrades is compressed, and the window has narrowed to recover investments viably.

The new network architecture requires a new business model built on disaggregated, open infrastructure that increases agility, choice, efficiency, and innovation. The open compute project (OCP) is at the forefront of addressing these needs with open-hardware platform specifications.

Intelligent Switching Solutions

Our Intelligent Switch Solution (ISS) is a comprehensive NOS (Network Operating System) for a variety of applications using Ethernet switching, IP routing, MPLS transport, SDN (Software Defined Networking), Telemetry, Timing and Synchronization.

Our solution facilitates equipment manufacturers and network administrators to include these standard capabilities in their devices and networks rapidly. The software allows users to focus on advanced network automation and service rollouts, by removing the barriers in assembling standard networking capabilities using custom designed or white box hardware. The truly disaggregated, hardware agnostic and platform agnostic architecture, proven over years in the market, provides an interoperable, mature and stable platform to build advanced networks with.