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Client Stories

Capgemini enables a leading restaurant chain to offer personalised digital media experience to its customers

Giving Customers a Right to Choose

The client is a leading North American quick service restaurant chain with a steady customer base drawn to the company’s Southern style of service and willingness to allow unlimited customisation of their famous hamburgers.

Engaging Digitally-Savvy Customers

The restaurant chain has been serving customers since the 1950s with an exciting range of customisable food. Although it enjoyed the loyalty of its original customer base, Baby Boomers and GenX, it wanted to become familiar with Millennials and Gen Z. However, this was difficult, as Millennials demanded digital services like social media conversations, mobile apps, remote ordering on digital devices, and personalised offers. As such, the restaurant chain’s basic digital media presence fell short of offering an engaging experience for Millennials.

Crafting a Transformational Vision

The restaurant chain approached Capgemini to gain advice on offering an enhanced digital experience to its customers. The restaurant chain wanted to segment its customers based on factors like age, digital preferences, and buyer personas.

To achieve this, Capgemini commissioned an in-store and online survey to spark engaging conversations with customers to get to know their digital preferences. These findings enabled the restaurant chain to sketch a buyer journey and engage customers, especially Millennials, inside stores and across digital platforms.

Futhermore, Capgemini devised a customer experience strategy that tracked the buyer journey and offered them customised experiences across different touchpoints. This included relevant content on the website, social media, and other digital channels to encourage interaction with customers. Capgemini also helped the restaurant chain to design an engaging mobile app with intuitive customer loyalty features like quick ordering, personalised menus, and reward points. Capgemini developed the prototype, design, and digital architecture for the restaurant chain. In the next phase, Capgemini would help the restaurant chain to track and measure digital media activities.

New Channels of Communication with Customers

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: The restaurant chain was able to create a blueprint for a presence on the digital platforms.
  • Deeper Understanding of Millennials: The restaurant chain is now armed with a better understanding of the digital media preferences of Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Customised Content Development: Customised digital media content helped the restaurant chain to delight Millennials at different stages of their buyer journey.
  • Intuitive App: The mobile app is a good addition to the digital armour of the restaurant chain and helps them to

The Collaborative Approach:

The Collaborative Business ExperienceTM is central to the Capgemini philosophy and a pillar of our service delivery.

  • The quick service restaurant chain and Capgemini worked together to develop a new market expansion strategy for expanding into new geographies and demographics.
  • Capgemini helped the restaurant chain to conduct a customer survey to help them identify buyer personas.
  • Capgemini addressed the apprehension of senior leadership and turned them into digital advocates to drive the transformation project.

Future Ahead: Building on a Successful Journey

Capgemini will further support the restaurant chain in creating a Customer Journey Atlas and improving the loyalty app to offer an enhanced customer experience.