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Correos Express Optimizes Service Quality Excellence with New Business Intelligence Systems

The Correos Group — the national postal operator of Spain — has been striving to transform itself into a true benchmark for all physical, digital, and parcel communications for both citizens and companies. Correos Express (previously, Chronoexpres) is the Correos Group’s subsidiary, specializing in urgent document and parcel delivery, both in Spain and abroad. Correos Express has been making enormous efforts to achieve the common objectives of the Group — diversification, commercial efficiency, operational optimization, organizational model development, and innovation. With 1,800 vehicles and 3,000 professionals, Correos Express pursues a business model that focuses on optimizing delivery performance to offer enhanced levels of speed and service quality to customers. The constant focus on service improvement and diversification has helped Correos Express become the largest transport network in Spain, owning 100% of its local and branch offices.

In keeping with its brand promise of quality, care, flexibility, excellence, integrity, and commitment to customers, the Company felt the need to overhaul their pick-up, delivery, and customer services. Correos Express realized it needed a solution that would be innovative and be based on the latest technologies. As a starting point to accomplishing these objectives, Correos Express analyzed its key business information to identify business gaps and find solutions to guarantee quality, efficient services, and follow-ups. Based on the results of their analysis, Correos Express concluded that the adoption of a Business Intelligence service was crucial for its achievement of objectives.

The Solution

Correos Express opted to work with Capgemini in maintaining and developing their Business Intelligence system because of our recognized professional experience in this sector. Correos Express already had in place a MicroStrategy-based Business Intelligence system designed to exploit the stored business information. Identifying the need to address this integral issue with system utilization, Capgemini proposed a solution to Correos Express that would help the Company maintain and evolve the existing Business Intelligence system. The proposed solution involved the implementation of additional business models including new key process indicators to enhance service excellence and assure high service quality. The new models were flexible and customized to increase the Company’s profitability.

The processes developed in the new business models were homogenized and standardized to ease the implementation of updates and minimize implementation times and possible errors. User manuals, explanatory videos, and technical guides were drafted to facilitate the use of MicroStrategy reports, documents, and associated dashboards. Furthermore, the Business Intelligence system was upgraded to a new MicroStrategy version to take advantage of new and interesting functionalities such as supporting multiple datasets and image-based thresholding in map widgets. Additionally, audit processes were developed and run periodically to monitor the loading and reporting processes.

The Result

The collaboration with Capgemini helped Correos develop its new vision for its business. In addition to the massive technological improvement, the relationship has also been able to achieve strategic alignment (business, functional, and technological) of the Business Intelligence system with the needs of Correos Express. This has been possible thanks to expanding the existing functionalities of the Business Intelligence system and adapting them to the Company’s development framework. The project implementation has enabled clients’ and users’ demands to be managed efficiently; furthermore, it has helped enhance the quality of services offered to customers.

Correos Express has been able to improve and develop the decisionmaking tool, facilitating crucial analysis. The Company can now guarantee service quality and follow-up services, manage analysis and reporting efficiently, create a scalable platform capable of evolving with time and technological advances, and develop crucial multifunctional projects involving dimensions such as routing algorithm, costs calculation, customer profitability, and delivery profitability per customer, among others.

In addition, the collaborative efforts of Correos Express and Capgemini have made it possible for Correos to analyze, find, and solve causes of non-compliance to delivery commitments that had a huge impact on the Company’s revenue. After the project implementation, the incidences have been reduced to numbers lower than those stated in the objectives, providing one of the best 24-hour delivery metrics in the Transport and Courier Services sector.

The collaboration with Capgemini has been fundamental to the ongoing success of the business in the midst of this transition. Today with the enhanced Business Intelligence system, Correos Express has the ideal tool to perform in-depth strategic analysis to make appropriate decisions and stand out from the competition, establishing a solid and distinct identity for the Company.

How Correos Express and Capgemini Worked Together

The contract award meant a major challenge for Capgemini due to the complex scenario at the Company associated with the evolving Business Intelligence system. The Office of the Assistant Manager for Technology and Projects as well as Correos Express’ business users were actively involved throughout project implementation.

The Capgemini team supported Correos Express in achieving their project objectives. More than 20 experienced Capgemini consultants were part of the project, ensuring successful project implementation. Teams from Correos Express and Capgemini joined forces to form a highly cohesive group, creating effective professional relationships and engagements. Team members from both sides were involved in helping each other find new and better ways to solve problems and achieve business goals.