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Client Stories

Fabricante de automóviles centraliza su gestión de datos maestros para mejorar su eficiencia

Capgemini ayuda en la construcción de un completo sistema de gestión de datos maestros con una nueva configuración para  reducir costes y mejorar la calidad de datos.

The Situation

The company is a leading producer of premium cars and one of the largest manufacturers of heavy- and medium-duty trucks in the world. The company wanted to implement an integrated solution for product and price Master Data Management (MDM) for its Car division. The objective was to integrate central sales, wholesale, retail and its customers’ systems with regard to master data, and to use the same master data for product offerings and ordering. The company goal was to gain improvements in terms of the effort spent, data quality provided and time saved.

The Solution

Capgemini helped the company implement a system for the centralized administration of master data by central sales and nationalization of master data by wholesale. The system supports the provision of master data via a staging environment for the testing, approval and versioning functions.  The system also provides several central services such as evaluation, validation for ordering and vehicle configuration, which comprises a new configuration engine called Global Car Configurator (GCC).

The Result

The new system enables the company to optimize the process of maintaining product and price master data, thus reducing costs. As the central system is integrated with the national markets, the quality of the data has improved, and the master data can now be made available at the point of sale in a fraction of the time that it would have taken previously. In addition, the new solution provides the Internet configurator portal with enhanced flexibility.