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Join us at the NHS Providers Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023

14th – 15th November, ACC Liverpool
Stand 1 Hall 2A

Meet our Capgemini team who look forward to sharing how we are using new thinking to solve Public Sector challenges and talk through current example of how we are working with the NHS and other public sector partners to get the future they want.

NHS Providers is the membership organisation for the NHS hospital, mental health, community and ambulance services that treat patients and service users in the NHS.

Our team of healthcare and public sector experts will be on hand to answer questions on:

  • Enabling healthcare through digital transformation
  • Data driven patient experience
  • The power of Data Cloud
  • AI in the public sector

Hear what our public sector clients have to say about us

NHS England
Helping NHS England better understand how citizens interact with national data channels (NDCs)

NHS England manages three separate national digital channels (NDCs), with limited management information and business intelligence (MI/BI) being derived from users. There was a fragmented view of citizen journeys due to lack of visibility of individual citizens across the NDCs. Capgemini transitioned ownership from an incumbent supplier, inheriting multiple challenges, including outdated technology architecture and lack of internal stakeholder buy-in.

Our objective was to modernise and update the MI/BI for the NDCs by further developing and improving the existing platform, technologies and ultimately the insights it provides. We did this through deploying a blended team of expert healthcare consultants, visualisation SMEs and technology architects.

We re-engineered back-end technology and visualisations, migrating to a serverless database design pattern, allowing the platform to scale up elastically whilst operating at cost savings of over 90%. As one of the largest Azure deployments for the NHS, the new platform ingested over 1 billion rows of raw transactional data – including 124 million app logins and 116 million events within 6 months – through a series of Spark transformation pipelines.

PowerBI analysis is now able to render a unique view of citizen activities, able to analyse segments of patients based on their location, use of the NDCs, demographic and deprivation data, to improve the patient centricity of how data is analysed, presented and ultimately acted upon.

“This has been really insightful and has helped shape our future strategy… to better understand health inequalities and make sure we don’t exacerbate those in the delivery of digital services. Massive thank you to the team, they’re absolutely brilliant”.

  • Emma Stables – Head of Customer Experience for the NHS App and NHS Website, NHS England

Barts Health
Helping Barts Health achieve stability and security with public Cloud

Capgemini designed, implemented and continues to support the deployment of the MS Azure Cloud solution, with unlimited cloud capacity unlocking efficiencies, productivity gains improving patient outcomes, and providing a blueprint for other NHS Trusts. In line with the NHS’s cloud first strategy, Barts Health commissioned Capgemini to help accelerate the Trust’s own digital transformation.

Barts Health is one of the largest NHS Trusts in England, with 18,000 employees serving 2.5 million people across London. Barts wanted a secure, reliable, scalable and agile operating environment to rationalise legacy systems for the adoption of new technologies, applications, and capabilities, and open up opportunities in the wider ICS.

They partnered with Capgemini, embracing end-to-end cloud services to modernise the Trust’s IT estate, migrate mission critical services from on-premises data centres into the public cloud. Fundamental, was the need for seamless transition into the public cloud, given the immediate and potentially life-threatening impact of any loss of service.

Capgemini collaborated with Barts, Microsoft, and VMware to develop new Azure Tenant for native IaaS and PaaS workloads and introduced a VMware Solution architecture that met its precise requirements – while maximising ROI – and now represents Microsoft’s best practice architecture for all AVS deployments. The Trust transitioned over 200 terabytes of data and 32 applications to the public cloud, decommissioning 107 servers to deliver a stable, secure, and modern cloud environment with 100% availability.

This accelerated Barts’ digital transformation, allowing the organisation to explore the benefits of Azure faster and more efficiently while ensuring existing medical systems and devices continued to function. The resulting foundational platform improved stability, resilience, and security, enabling greater trust and confidence in 24/7 system availability.

This capacity and scalability transformation now provides Barts with future-proofed access to the potential of the cloud. The next step on the Trust’s journey is to mature its use of the public cloud, unlock the huge potential of the Azure public cloud, and use it to support the world leading Barts Life Sciences healthcare innovation programme.

“Our IT platform is now stable, resilient, and secure. Confidence and certainty in the availability of our systems, data, and services is now much improved across the Trust, which translates into operational efficiencies and improved outcomes for patients.”

  • Sarah Jensen – Chief Information Officer, Barts Health NHS Trust

Dudley Health & Care Partners
Helping Dudley ‘place’ new model of care design

We supported Dudley Health and Care Partners (DHCP) – comprising mental health, acute, primary care, community care, local authority and third sector organisations – to design a new model of care for Dudley ‘place’, integrating health and care services, mitigating historic tensions and improving their complex and challenging care system. 

Working with our senior sponsor group – from C-suite to clinicians – we undertook a series of ‘Relationship Reset’ sessions to help erode historical tensions, build trust and stronger working relationships, to set in place more robust foundations for addressing some of the more challenging aspects of the new model of care design. 

This permeated the 80-plus stakeholders from across Dudley ‘place’ during multiple two-day Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) events, which bring together diverse groups of stakeholders to solve complex problems, to explore rich public health insights and personas, to aid the co-design of their new, transformational model of care. 

The outcome was a truly integrated, high functioning team, with a willingness to break down siloes to deliver what was needed for the people of Dudley. The new model of care was co-designed and co-agreed by all partner organisations, focused on long-term system sustainability and the current and future health and care needs of Dudley’s population.  

We were highly commended by our client team members for steering them towards a truly innovative model of care, and our eagerness to address the most difficult of conversations. 

We made so much progress…we couldn’t have done it without Capgemini Invent “

– Steph Cartwright, Director of Strategy, People and Partnerships, Dudley Health & Care Partners 

Meet our team

Richard Haynes

VP Health and Devolved Government

David Hughes

Healthcare Director

Gary Lloyd

Client Director – UK Health