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People Data Centre

Unilever’s People Data Centre has the answer to changing consumer behaviors.

COVID-19 as a pandemic has shaken up the global economy and our way of life in an unimaginable way. It has also impacted the daily lives of consumers and has fundamentally changed their needs and expectations towards products and services. While immediate restrictions have triggered unforeseen new buying behaviors – including a massive switch to digital channels, consumers are also sharing their experiences, beliefs, and pain points increasingly across these platforms. Profound consciousness of the disruption may also result in permanent changes in the affinity to brands and/or products categories.

In such times, it is imperative for organisations to listen to consumers in real time, meet their immediate and evolving needs, tailor customer engagement and protect the brand.

Time to act

Organisations must act fast and must act now to not just keep up but also re-align their strategies to what could be expected next.

Capgemini, in collaboration with Unilever, brings to you a state-of-the-art consumer analytics solution called PDC (People Data Centre), offered as a service to help you go to market, right from day one.

  • Consumer Trends as a service- Identify emerging consumer behaviors and attitudes and help brands to capitalize on the opportunities these changes present
  • Product Insights as a service –   Improve the performance and design of products by generating deep consumer insights into every aspect of a product, including competitor analysis
  • Channel Evolution as a service – Identify brand’s sell-in strategy and omni-channel engagement approach with retailer differentiation and social commerce
  • Brand Affinity as a service – Engage with consumers and communities more effectively by mining user generated content to inform messages and content.

Our services are delivered through a convenient, fast (as quick as one week!) and transparent process which ensures that relevant insights are provided to decision makers at the right time and in the right format.

A different way of doing business

Capgemini’s PDC offering has changed Unilever’s way of doing business, putting data and insights at the heart of all decision making. PDC brings industry-leading capability with a highly tuned, real-time insights engine, that enabled Unilever to “listen” to unprompted conversation in places never imagined possible, performing advanced analytics on large amounts of data (ranging from internal business data, traditional market research data to social media, search data, blogs, forums, ratings & reviews sites, and consumer carelines). PDC has proven to be a true game changer for Unilever – at scale, with speed

Meet our experts

Kees Jacobs

Expert in Consumer Products & Retail