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Client story

On the road to sustainable food

Kyanos Biotechnologies engages Capgemini to structure and scale up production of algae for sustainable food


Kyanos Biotechnologies




Life sciences

Client challenge: In order to expand its ability to support sustainable food practices, Kyanos Biotechnologies wanted to expand and accelerate its ability to produce and market microalgae.
Solution: The start-up engaged Capgemini to carry out an opportunity study that helped structure and scale up rapidly in order to optimize algae production for faster time-to-market.

By 2050, 10 billion human beings will inhabit the Earth. Today’s protein resources are limited and energy-intensive, which means we need to rethink the way we eat.

In response to this challenge, Kyanos Biotechnologies became the first company to produce and market Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA), a microalgae that is grown in a controlled environment and represents a promising solution to the food challenges of the future. Vinh Ly, CEO of the start-up, and Pierre-Alain Hoffmann, Scientific Director, chose Capgemini to support them in this challenge of the future.

“Biomimicry is the key. We have reconstituted an entire ecosystem enabling us to cultivate this blue algae alongside other selected micro-organisms, which, unlike the algae from Lake Oregon, do not release any toxins.”

Pierre-Alain Hoffmann, Scientific Director, Kyanos Biotechnologies

In the future, this algae could meet all our protein needs. To produce this blue microalgae, the Kyanos Biotechnologies teams have developed a process inspired by nature: cyclotrophy.

Capgemini carried out an opportunity study which helped Kyanos Biotechnologies to structure and scale up rapidly. The aim was to optimize algae production for faster time-to-market. Capgemini then modeled the production plant and carried out a life-cycle analysis. As a result, the plant halved its environmental footprint.

“Our teams carried out the lifecycle analysis of production to enable Kyanos to make the most appropriate industrial choices to limit the environmental impact of its activity.

Nicolas D’Orazio, VP Head of Technology & Innovation France, Capgemini Engineering

“Today, thanks to Capgemini’s work, we estimate that we can save 50% of the plant’s energy consumption, thanks to industrial symbiosis, by reusing water from another plant to cover our production needs, for example.

Pierre-Alain Hoffmann, Scientific Director, Kyanos Biotechnologies


Achieve sustainability from strategy to execution.