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Client Story

Telenet improves network planning with AI

Client: Telenet
Region: Belgium
Industry: Telecom

Telenet partners with Capgemini to leverage data science and AI for network planning and optimization

Telenet, a leading telecommunications company, recognized the importance of leveraging data to improve their network planning and optimization. To achieve this goal, they sought a partner with strong expertise in telecom as well as data science, big data, and AI implementations. Capgemini emerged as the ideal partner for Telenet, with a proven track record in these areas and a highly skilled team with a deep understanding of the telecom industry. In this partnership, Telenet and Capgemini aim to unlock the full potential of data to enhance their network operations and deliver a better customer experience.

Client challenge: The biggest challenge was the integration with different data sources as well as data integrity, leading to data quality issues and the use of that data do improve quality of service to the client. Besides that, Telenet’s structure as also challenging, with the interaction with very different departments with different business/operational needs.

Solution: We are supporting Telenet with expertise to address multiple challenges including data sources quality issues, AI models implementation and even geographical/visual distributions of the implemented models with the goal of improve the knowledge of the network and is needs.

“The unity and teamwork we have developed with Capgemini Engineering has been crucial to our success and we look forward to continuing this partnership”

Diederik De Laet
Product Owner Network Capacity Telenet

Telenet’s partnership with Capgemini found some challenges along the way, including:

  • Mobility of clients: Mapping CXP, Network and Financial metrics: Telenet has faced challenges in mapping customer experience metrics, network performance, and financial metrics in areas with high client mobility. This has required innovative solutions to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.
  • No history of 5G networks metrics / CXP: The lack of historical data on 5G networks and customer experience metrics has posed a challenge for Telenet and Capgemini. However, they have been able to leverage other data sources and predictive analytics to make informed decisions.
  • Site upgrade from 4G to 5G: Upgrading existing sites from 4G to 5G has been a complex and resource-intensive process. Telenet and Capgemini have worked closely together to develop a comprehensive upgrade plan that minimizes disruptions to the network and customer experience.
  • Limited budget for site investments: Telenet has faced budgetary constraints that have required them to prioritize investments carefully. Through the use of data science and AI, they have been able to identify the most impactful investments and optimize resource allocation.
  • Cell Latency variability pattern changes between Pre/Pos Covid19 confinement, impacting cell load forecasting: The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruptions to network traffic patterns and cell load forecasting. Telenet and Capgemini have adapted to these changes by leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics to adjust their strategies and investments.

However, despite the challenges we faced, we achieved numerous benefits that exceeded our expectations, such as:

  • Geographical and visual distribution of revenue per sector over time: By leveraging data science and AI, Telenet and Capgemini have been able to gain valuable insights into revenue trends across different sectors and geographic regions.
  • Most impactful Network KPIs for the Customer experience metrics: Telenet has been able to identify the most impactful network KPIs for customer experience metrics through the use of advanced analytics. This has enabled them to optimize network performance and improve the overall customer experience.
  • 5G rollout strategy support of the site investment prioritization for the next years: Telenet has developed a comprehensive 5G rollout strategy with the support of Capgemini. This strategy includes site investment prioritization, ensuring that resources are allocated in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Network engineering support by providing insights for upgrades and maintenance, to minimize customer experience impact: Capgemini has provided Telenet with valuable insights for network upgrades and maintenance, allowing them to minimize the impact on the customer experience while maintaining network performance.