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Leading People – HANDLE WITH CARE

February 22, 2024 | Centro Cultural de Cascais

Localization: Centro Cultural de Cascais
Region: Lisbon
Sector: Human Resources

The Power of Fragility to Lead the New World

Embark on a transformative journey with Capgemini at the “Leading People” conference on February 22nd. In the intricate dance of organizations, companies, cities, friend circles, and families, we believe that true power emerges from the delicate threads of our shared vulnerability.

Leading isn’t just about authority; it’s an art of striking the perfect balance, turning fragility into an unstoppable force. Welcome to a new world where we hit the brakes, celebrating nature’s symphony and the profound impact of quiet contemplation. Together, we reconstruct a harmonious individual – mentally and physically engaged, purpose-driven, and embracing a life project filled with awe, wonder, and, most importantly, a profound connection to others.

Dive into the heart of the matter with Audrey Marques, Capgemini Portugal’s Head of Engagement & Employee Experience. Join us for a spirited debate that explores avant-garde approaches to leadership and care in our ever-evolving world. Let’s exchange insights, spark inspiration, and share experiences as we navigate towards a future that is not just sustainable but profoundly human.

Embark on a journey to redefine leadership and embrace the transformative power of vulnerability. Join us on February 22nd at the “Leading People” conference and let’s explore new dimensions of leadership and care together.

Leading People – International HR Conference is an event focused on People Management and is part of the Leadership Summit Portugal project. Its purpose is to produce knowledge in leadership and Human Capital management, bringing together CEOs, Human Resources Managers and representatives of specialized National and International HR Associations. The event includes lectures, presentations and debates and hosts national and international speakers, while providing the best environment and platform for peer-to-peer networking.


Caring for Mental Health: A Duty and an Investment

We are living in the era of mental health in the workplace. Employees need and expect sustainable and mentally healthy workplaces. It’s not enough for companies to simply provide apps or use buzzwords like “wellness”. Employers have to connect what they say with what they actually do. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, in 2022 more than 30% of Portuguese workers said they felt stress, depression or anxiety in response to, or exacerbated by, work. More and more people are leaving their jobs for mental health reasons as a result of an unsustainable type of work. How are companies looking after their workers? And how is the mental health of leaders, who have to inspire teams and make decisions, being taken care of? What needs to be done?

How can we normalize the issue of mental illness, fight stigma and take care of everyone, even the most mentally fragile? Employees, and their leaders, should not face mental health challenges alone. What is the role of organizations, where do they stand? What preventive measures need to be taken on a permanent basis, so as not to let it get to the limit? What should employers do and what is the role of institutions? Debate with Sandro Resende, Founder of Manicómio, Marta Rebelo, Mental Health Activist and Consultant, Audrey Marques, Head of Engagement & Employee Experience at Capgemini Portugal.

Discover the heartbeat of the “Leading People” conference. Delve into a carefully crafted agenda that promises enlightening discussions, interactive sessions, and visionary perspectives

Relive the groundbreaking session from 2023: Reset and Reinvent Ourselves | New Citizens, New Workers, a New World. Don’t miss Filipa Gamanho Esteves‘ insightful contributions in the debate.

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