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Connected Health

From experiment to enterprise profit center. Connected health programs have reached a new phase in maturity and growth. They must transform from innovative experiments to predictable enterprise value centers.

Evolve your strategy and scale your connected health offerings for success

Pharmaceutical products tend to progress at a fairly predictable pace. Connected health products progress at a different pace, and as the role of connected health accelerates – at the speed of digital – many life sciences organizations are caught off guard. Projects quickly grow beyond capacity, and even large companies find resources suddenly lacking.

Capgemini’s competencies in these fields run deep. We draw from decades of work in the life sciences industry, coupled with over 50 years of experience helping organizations around the world integrate new talent and technologies.

Contact us to share your experience and questions, and learn more about the ways that a partnership with Capgemini can help you scale your offerings for success.

Design and establish your portfolio vision 

Many life sciences companies have dozens of individual connected health offerings in development, at different levels of completion. Unfortunately, these efforts are often conducted in isolation, which makes it difficult for organizations toshare knowledge and resources (and costs) across teams. 

We help you develop a strategic portfolio united by an underlying strategy. 

Integrate your connected health activity with your business operations

Many organizations are finding connected health projects far more difficult to integrate than they had expected. Most companies excel at agile development, MVP concepting and behavioral design, but stumble in other areas. 

We help you to incorporate your connected health capabilities into broader business activities, giving your products a smooth path to grow, launch, and thrive on the market. 

Design digital products with measurable value

The development and launch of a single connected health product can easily reach $20 – $40 million. Across an entire R&D portfolio,a dozen siloed efforts may run into the hundreds of millions, a risk compounded in many organizations by the lack of a clear revenue forecast.

We bring tangible data to difficult questions, helping you assess the long-term business potential of your offers, and turning your digital portfolio into a reliable value center.

Combine manufacturing and digital best practices to optimize development

The development process of connected health products draws elements of both the pharma and digital fields, but ultimately life sciences organizations need to design something new, optimized for the speed and versatility of digital health products. 

Build the partnerships you need for large-scale success

Scaling a connected health offer involves challenges at every step, but many of them fall under the same umbrella. Strategic integration – both internally and externally – is a leading determinant for success. With trusted partners managing the details, you can focus on the core value of your innovations. 

We understand that digital products behave differently. Our experts understand the challenges related to scalability and know how to integrate internal and external processes, offerings, technologies and strategies. We’re ready to help you make connections that matter most.

Software as a Medical Device

Connected health is a rapidly growing market driven by a need for more efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

Meet our experts

Geoff McCleary

Vice President, Global Connected Health Lead, Capgemini

Emily Tower

Vice President, Global Connected Health Lead, Capgemini Invent
Entrepreneurially-charged executive with 17 years experience in growth strategies, business development, department leadership, and sales & marketing. Demonstrated success in healthcare marketing and sales with a track record of success managing through change, in both large and small organizations. Architect of high performing teams that deliver customer value and profitable growth.

Satya Patloori

Vice President, Life Sciences, Capgemini Invent

Andrew Koubatis

ER&D Pre-Sales Director