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Digital Core for Life Sciences

Capgemini helps inspire companies in the life sciences industry to lead through limitless innovation, predictable execution, and de-risked processes – thereby supporting sustainable growth and accelerated time to care.

Today’s life sciences enterprises understand the all-important connections between patient care, technology, data-driven insights, innovation, and a people-centric end-to-end value chain.

Making the most of these connections is both a challenge and opportunity. Which is why Capgemini has developed the Digital Core for Life Sciences offering based on SAP Technologies. Our offering is a people-centric, de-risked and biopharma-specific full
lifecycle approach to SAP S/4HANA® transformation.

A comprehensive solution that delivers the clarity of thinking, action, and results needed to incorporate SAP S/4HANA® into a dynamic, efficient, and always innovative digital core. Capabilities that provide the solid platform for becoming a Renewable Enterprise in life sciences.

“Value in life sciences today is closely connected to the goal of accelerating time to care. Building people-centric capabilities is central to this ambition, to help unleash the sector’s full innovative potential.”

Olivier Zitoun, Executive Vice President – Global Life Sciences Sector

What we do

A goal that comes with demonstrable business value, delivered through our iCaptivate methodology – a pioneering Agile approach to SAP S/4HANA® transformation that leverages both Design Thinking and Value Stream Mapping.

Put best-practice to work via LifeSciencesPath, where pre-configured solutions are focused on optimizing core business processes – from manufacturing and product development, to sales, supply chain, and customer service. Tools that are equally focused on simplified delivery and end user experiences.

Industrialize, stabilize, and harmonize standard processes on a global scale, and then extend them beyond the core to support faster innovation. All delivered by a future-proof reference architecture that provides a dynamic, people-centric platform for information exchange, collaboration, and enablement.

Stimulate user adoption, change management, and media-rich communications across the extended value chain. Achieved with a human-centric design approach that builds around key personas, and is able to evolve to support people growth and overall platform sustainability.

Digital R&D in life sciences

This whitepaper draws on a wide range of data and AI projects in life sciences to explore what factors deliver success.

Meet our experts

Dave Bartoli

Business owner of Capgemini’s LifeSciencesPath for S/4HANA

Olivier Zitoun

Global Life Sciences Industry leader

Brian Eden

Vice President, Global Life Sciences Technical Operations Leader, Capgemini
Brian is an executive and consulting leader in the Life Sciences industry. He has three decades of operations transformation, management consulting and leadership experience. He has developed and led global Lean and Digital programs, consistently recruiting and developing a diverse array of talent and has led global business integrations, executed a range of process and product programs and directly supervised operations of technical processes.