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Research & Innovation


Creating value means making a difference on people and the planet. It’s not about going after everything but focusing with intensity on a compelling experience that starts as a new idea/thinking or business model then going to broader adoption. R&I defines Intelligent Industry by designing for the ubiquitous digital, optimizing in an increasingly complex value chain and targeting breakthroughs in environmental sustainability.


Our Research & Innovation programs are business accelerators that help clients with high-intensity R&D to reveal the value of incremental and disruptive technologies by pioneering engagements built around recognizable assets. Clients go further, faster and to places they would not necessarily go alone.​

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Future of Mobility

Accelerate the future of flight, multi-modal transport, shared mobility and last mile logistics by realizing the vision of safer, collaborative and autonomous vehicles for sustainable urban super cities

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Future of Networks & Compute

Eliminate the constraints on compute, network and storage for the next generation of immersive experiences and look forward to the final frontier of the space economy

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Future of Healthcare

Develop technology platforms for pharmacogenomics, digital therapeutics and predictive medicine that revolutionize the way we cure & treat disease considering variability in genes, lifestyles and response to therapies

Acting to accelerate the transition towards sustainable Industries by building end-to-end science-based solutions that help monitor, mitigate and adapt to climate change all the while meeting long-term human and societal needs

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Future of Energy

Optimize energy consumption and make solutions smarter, supporting the energy transition in its different components

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Future of Engineering

Disrupt the way we innovate on products and protect the planet by taking into account parameter complexity, autonomous systems, everything-as-a-service & systems of systems

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Future of Applied AI

Thoughtfully apply data science and machine learning technologies to scale industry-specific problems in precision medicine, autonomous systems, aerospace simulations and industrial automation

    Research and development projects

    At the forefront of innovation.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Mobility Lab

    The Mobility Lab in Portugal is Capgemini Engineering’s new space dedicated to the mobility of the future.

    Capgemini Engineering

    5G Lab

    The 5G LAB is a key resource for developing innovative solutions and services for new 5G ecosystems.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Vortex CoLab

    Cutting-edge research in Cyber-physical systems & Cybersecurity transformed into tangible solutions, through co-creation.

      Our experts

      Keith Williams

      EVP, Chief Technology Officer
      Rodrigo Maia

      Rodrigo Maia

      VP, Chief Research Officer