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Sustainable operations & supply chain


Operations and supply chain are the highest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) and waste across industries today.

It is estimated that supply chains contribute up to 80 percent of these GHG emissions. While this is a significant cause for concern, it also puts operations and supply chain leaders in a strong position to accelerate their organizations’ sustainability transformations.

With a compelling suite of Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain offer, Capgemini Invent is helping organizations to set a vision for sustainable transformation. We engage with partners and stakeholders across the supply chain ecosystem to drive the end-to-end transformation journey.

The five pillars of our offering are:

  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Green Lean Digital Factory
  • Sustainable Supply Chain & Distribution
  • End-to-end transparency and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Closed Loop Supply Chain & Circular Economy

Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain from Capgemini Invent helps organizations adopt a holistic approach from leadership and upskilling initiatives to robust governance that ensures sustainable business growth.

“Relying on our investment in best-in-class accelerators and partnerships, we help our clients seize the opportunity for growth, profitability and talent retention that comes with a commitment to sustainability.”

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Meet our experts

Roshan Gya

CEO of Capgemini Invent
Roshan Gya has been appointed CEO of Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, consulting and transformation brand of the Capgemini Group, in January 2023. He is a member of the Group Executive Committee.

Gérald Murat

Expert in Digital Transformation

Benjamin Alleau

Group Sustainability Initiative Leader, Capgemini Group
With more than 20 years professional experience in consulting along with strategic account management, Benjamin has always had the passion for using technology to improve core processes and support strategic imperatives such as sustainability goals.