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“Capgemini has a vast pool of expertise and there are competency networks where one can reach out to individuals who possess the knowledge one lacks. That’s one of the significant advantages of working in an organization like Capgemini.”

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Lunds University. After my graduation, I wanted to explore the technical field and therefore took several courses in information systems and computer science. I found it intriguing working with business processes but from an IT perspective. That’s why I found the IgnITe Graduate Program, especially the stream focusing on business systems (SAP), very interesting. I started at Capgemini as part of the IgnITe Graduate Program within PBS (Packaged Based Solutions) in September 2019 and have since been involved in implementing and developing financial processes within SAP, primarily within the energy sector dealing with substantial invoice flows.

How does Capgemini support your development?

I have developed in various ways here at Capgemini, where I’ve been part of several projects within SAP and had both technical and functional roles. I’ve also developed technically by learning about the system and becoming an expert in my field. I have gained insight into the operations of my clients and their industry, and I have evolved as a consultant by delivering on multiple projects.

How does your work challenge you?

I’m challenged every day – even though I’ve been with the same client for a long time, I have been part of several different projects in various areas, and each project is unique with new things to learn. This year, I’ve been involved in an implementation project of an SAP solution for customer interactions, an area I had never encountered before. Both technically and in terms of operations. Capgemini has a vast pool of expertise, and there are competency networks where one can reach out to individuals who possess the knowledge one lacks. That’s one of the significant advantages of working in an organization like Capgemini.

What is the best thing about Capgemini?

The best thing is that there are incredibly competent colleagues one can seek help from. When I started at the IgnITe Graduate Program, I had never worked with SAP before. I quickly got the opportunity to go on assignment alongside a senior colleague at Capgemini. Through his guidance, willingness to share his knowledge, and a generous amount of patience, I have become a better consultant. Today, I am a senior myself and now have the role of mentoring a junior colleague at Capgemini in my current assignment.

Why should you join Capgemini?

One should start working at Capgemini if it’s intriguing to work technically while maintaining close contact with our clients and their business processes, also if you find it exciting to work in a large global organization with a vast network of competent colleagues. If you aim to kickstart your career and have a blast along the way, then you should definitely apply for our IgnITe Graduate Program.

Testimonial given by Gustav as a Senior Application Consultant at Capgemini.

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