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“We have the resources of a large global firm, but still have the culture and personal touch of a smaller firm”

Before starting at Capgemini Invent, I was involved in different student engagements, a startup, and a tech firm. As a student, my time as project manager for a large career fair at Linköping university, was a highlight both in terms of having fun and gaining valuable experience. I suddenly managed +150 people during the fair days! One thing led to another and in the later student years, I was engaged in a recruitment consultancy startup and a market research tech firm.

To have these experiences in my backpack, when I started my management consulting career was helpful, not only in client deliveries but also in internal engagements. However, as a freshly baked graduate you are well coached from the project team when starting, and we have lots of internal courses to gear your management consulting toolbox!

What made you decide to apply to and join Capgemini Invent?

The list is long… but to mention a few; Fascinating work topics with a buffet of internal opportunities, a steep learning curve in project settings, but in the end, I based my final decision on a gut feeling from all the people I met during student events and the interview process. I found them all to be super social, sharp and ambitious, but at the same time down-to-earth. And of course, I also felt that we could have a good time together at after works and internal parties!

Tell us about your role at Capgemini Invent?

Most of my time is spent on client deliveries, where I for instance prepare and facilitate meetings and workshops, and make sure that all project stakeholders are involved in the right way. Lately I have created an Excel model for my client to take well-informed business decisions. I also spend a part of my time developing our business internally, in my internal so-called Business & Analysis Group (BAG) roles.

What makes Capgemini Invent stand out?

We have the resources of a large global firm, but still have the culture and personal touch of a smaller firm. You get the best from both worlds!

Tell us about the Business & Analysis Group (BAG) and your role?

I am engaged in two BAG roles. Since start, I’ve been engaged in our employer branding group that for instance organize all student events. I started off in the team targeting my home university, and this spring I took a step into our employer branding core team, where we focus on our employer branding efforts from a bigger picture, at all our target universities in Sweden and Finland.

My second engagement is in our Impact Team, where we help social startups to grow and develop through offering our advisory services pro-bono, such as projects, workshops, and lectures. In that way, we contribute in making the world a better place, at the same time as I learn about the startup community.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini Invent?

Open-minded, clever, ambitious, fun!

How does Capgemini Invent support your development?

The best way to learn is of course from being on projects, where I can learn from colleagues with a few months to +30 years of management consulting experience. In that way the steep learning curve never really stops. When I started, I also got assigned a counsellor whose mission is to support and coach my professional development. We also have internal courses teaching me all there is to know about consulting, ranging from a few hours an afternoon to large international events at our palace outside of Paris (yes, we have a palace, try googling “Les Fontaines”, if you’re curious).

What is your best advice for a student who dream to start a career in management consulting and at Capgemini Invent?

First, get to know yourself and why you would like to pursue a management consulting career. When you’re convinced that you’ll go for it, build your CV with relevant experiences. This could for instance be roles demonstrating analytical and/or leadership skills. Attend some events or grab a coffee with our consultants to make sure there is a mutual match – a recruitment decision is always mutual. And don’t forget to practice case solving before the assessment day.

Why should you join Capgemini Invent?

Capgemini Invent is an amazing place to kick start your career together with brilliant colleagues. Apart from what I’ve mentioned above (such as fast learning curve, nice culture, buffet of internal opportunities), we have a unique project breadth. In that way you can try everything from strategy to operational projects in many different sectors, just to find your personal cup of tea!

Testimonial given when Patrick worked as a Consultant in our Enterprise Transformation capability unit, at Capgemini Invent.

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